Donations Urgently Required by WFC Fans

Been asked to post this on behalf of Dhforever (Olly Beckett) of ISSA…

Independent saddlers supporters association
Reference. Walsall Manor Hospital staff
On behalf of the Issa committee I would like to announce the following
On Monday I will be talking with Someone at the Walsall manor hospital with a view to Issa siting an outside catering. Unit to provide
The said van will hopefully be able to be sited on the manor car park to allow easy access for staff to get free food and drink.
The van will be provided courtesy of one of our members and friend of Issa Richard Cooper whose business name is West Midlands inflatables . Richard will also supply his fully qualified staff to operate and run the said catering unit , preparing and cooking fresh food as required
it will be a top of the range outside catering van , capable of feeding many people with a large menu to choose from
Issa are making an initial donation of £1000 to help stock the van with the food and drink items required, On top of this. Richard himself will also be making.
We are also throwing this open to everyone else who would like to make a donation and if you want to make a donation,no matter how big or small pm me for details on how to do so PM ME my username is Dhforever. Every penny raised will go to serving our frontline workers food and drink Until the fund is exhausted
You can donate from today Until this coming Friday, when totals will be added up, and.then be added. to the £1000
Donated by Issa. , and all stock will be purchased with a view to the unit being in operation early the following week, so as said all donations need to be in by this coming Friday
On behalf of all our members, and all Walsall FC fans. Issa are proud to be able to offer this help, as a thank you. From our community, to all those hard working people who are on the front line, in a bid to combat this terrible virus And again it’s you the fans of Walsall FC who deserve every credit In us being able to do such things, so please if you can donate to the cause. Please do so, Let’s show that we REALLY do appreciate their efforts
The total as of today is launched with a donation of £1000 by Issa, let’s see if we can double it by next Friday.

Thank you in anticipation

Great thought,very generous,but surely the staff get meals provided in their staff canteen,and wouldn’t it be a bit risky (passing on the virus) having an outside food outlet?

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I imagine Sid , that if you show them your certificate proving that you are a newly qualified brain surgeon, you’ll be able to eat as much as you like for nowt :+1:

Have you got the details of the course?

Thought the canteens had gone Sid, the Old House At Home have been donating food according to the E&S mate

My niece is a nurse over there they have to pay for there meals. Sid
Lots of. People from various establishments are taking. Hot food items to the hospital mate , rather than them being wasted and they are being gratefully accepted by staff.

Only an idea. That seems to be getting a good response from people. including many who currently work there
If not allowed to do it straight away we would hold onto the money and reimplement the idea and show staff how appreciated they are when restrictions have been reduced at a later date

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon as already suggested by our resident argumentative brigade, to offer help and try to come up with ideas to show appreciation of there efforts

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If that’s a dig at me then you clearly haven’t read Sid’s post on the other thread, which I was referencing.

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Hmm yeah, would be happy to donate but not sure if this is possible for now?

I’m waiting for the General to forward me the details,but it’s an exciting new career that’s only cost me £10,000 so far…,win,win eh?:+1:

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You may of got the wrong end of the stick there Olly mate , he’s not having a go :+1:


Hi mate sorry for the late reply
It appears I jumped the gun. , and for that I wholeheartedly apologise , You will know from my posts I would never. Intentionally. Upset a fellow fan,
So as said please accept my apology. As it is. Given in all sincerity
, if and when footie resumes seek me out in eithier railway club or stadium suite and. I’ll buy you a beer.

In my defence. I reacted. The way I did. Because as. Some know there are a few on here who knock Issa. For no other reason than my involvement with it,
But having said that it’s no excuse and I should not have responded in the way I did, Add to that we have. A family member in end of life care , ( not covid 19 related ) so a bit tetchy , But as said please accept my apology, Truth be told I’m turning into a cranky old git and should know better


What do you mean TURNING? :rofl: :kissing: :kissing_heart:

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Dont you start lol.


A simple misunderstanding - no offence taken and cheers for the response. :+1:


Ya know i love ya really :wink:

This being under house arrest is driving me crazy, And with janes dad being terminally ill, Things getting a bit on top mate,


I can understand mate things are tough but even tougher for you and Jane, my heart goes out to you both x