Doncaster Rovers (H) Sep 15th, 3pm


Watching, I can’t understand how a penalty was given from that. I’ll have to fall back to the generally observed default position: the ref was an incompetent knobber.


" but how Dean can say it was right I don’t know!!"

Maybe he just doesn’t like making excuses,we would have lost by the sounds of it anyway without the Penalty.


Never a penalty, however the game should have been wrapped up before that when Ginnely missed that chance putting it wide, that would have been 2-0 game over.
The ref was a joke with dreadful decisions from start to finish, when Ferrier got crippled in the second half he gave a goal kick, a Donny player also handled in the box second half and the ref was standing right by him and waved away a penalty appeal.
But let’s not take away the fact that Donny used it to their advantage and had us fighting amongst ourselves, Ferriers behaviour was unacceptable imo he ran to Leahy to push him, fans saying it’s nice to see they care, show passion etc, yes but that should happen in the dressing room not in front of paying fans.
Let’s hope it’s just a blip and the lads put it behind them and correct things next game, also this crap so many games without defeat only adds extra pressure to a team especially a youngish team, it’s now gone so let’s hope that helps too.


The ref’s only been in the league three seasons and his record is appalling, 33 y’s and 1r this season alone.


Worst refereeing performance I’ve ever seen at any level, and I get to quite a few non-league games! He lost the game after the (incorrect) penalty decision. Ball clearly hits their players hand too. Leahy should do better but it isn’t a penalty.

Fed up of seeing rubbish on social media about people moaning at Ferrier too for having a real go at Leahy. We’ve got players that are hungry to succeed, that will happen. Or, we can go back to a team of shrinking violets that get pumped each week. People either want bastards or they don’t. It’s a mentality and you can’t just switch it off when we concede and switch it back on when we score. People need to stop being soft.


No concerns with Ferrier and Leahy squaring up, shows they care and that no player is beyond criticism within the group. MF lost the ball too easily and didn’t track back, they broke and put the game beyond us - I’d be disappointed if he didn’t get a bollocking to be honest.


Agree re the gate. Really disappointing given that the club had tweeted that 4500 tickets had been sold on Friday afternoon. I know for a fact I want the only walk up but the official gate suggests I was.Rovers fans were paying on the day too. The home turnout was significantly down on Blackpool which I find just bizarre. Some BS somewhere me thinks.


Credit where credit is due. Everything they hit went in… simple as that

Not concerned at all, was never a 4-1 performance and I thought we matched them all through the game.

Referee was the worst i’d seen, No wonder tempers were flaring, id have been fudge livid if i was on that pitch.

We go again. Just hope they come back with the fire in there bellies.


Having watched the penalty on iFollow I can now see that it was a very obvious penalty.

What on earth was Leahy doing with his hand on top of Joe Wright’s head? Even if he had not touched the ball Leahy was clearly fouling Wright by using his arms to try to stop him heading the ball.


Doncaster’s experience on the day showed. Hopefully our lads will have learned a few harsh lessons from that and be better for it over course of season.


couldnt make it yesterday but from the amount of times i heard Leahy mentioned looks like he was targeted as a weak link by the opposition yet again.he offers something going forward but defensively hes a liability for me and other teams know it we need a new left back in january either that or try Wilson for a couple of games highly rated at Exeter last season in league 2.


the bloke is a liability defensively.


He was one of our better players yesterday. It clearly wasn’t a penalty and some of his passes were a delight to behold. The chance he created for Ginnelly being a good example. No we cannot blame one man for the defeat…we weren’t at our best and were overrun in midfield at times.


Bernie, I’ve watched the penalty incident about 20 times and the only thing certain about it is that the ball didn’t clearly touch Leahy’s hand. As the penalty was for handball (as indicated by the referee) rather than for Leahy committing a foul then he’s made a mistake. Both players had their hands on each other at pretty high quarters, which like it or not is par for the course at corners these days. If the referee thought that either was committing more of a foul than the other then he could have penalised the offender accordingly, but he didn’t he gave a penalty for handball. The fact that they all went up for it and none of ours appealled only shows them being sharper than us in playing the referee, something that is indicative of a young team playing a team of seasoned third division pros, something we need to look at and learn from.

Looking at the Ferrier lack of tracking, he looks like he pulled up slightly, also think it was harsh to say he should have “took the net off” (Keates) with his chance as the ball was slightly behind him.

Agree about Kinsella being harshly done by in terms of opportunities.


On the “penalty”, this would be a prime contender for VAR review, don’t you think?

A bit like cricket, where each team has a set number of “reviews”…


No chance of VAR happening anytime soon in league one when the camera is 20 ft up on the roof.

I too didn’t think it was a penalty but the ref was only a few feet away so he must’ve saw it touch Leahy’s hand but looked to me the Donny guy put his hand up first.


Strange how a few of the Donny players, including the one next to the ref, seem confident enough to appeal. Was it definitely given for handball?


Yes it was definitely given for handball. The referee holds his hand up and pats it with the other hand.

He can be seen here learning his trade at the Kelvin Morton school for referees, module 2
" elementary hand-signals and being centre-of attention".


Geordie I have now gone back to look at the video and it is pretty clear that just as the ball reached Wright, Leahy’s hand was right on the top of the Doncaster defender’s head. What it was doing there I have no idea.

My belief that it was a correct decision is based on the fact that the referee had a perfect view and was in the ideal position to make the decision and tell whose hand had been hit. There is certainly nothing in the video that exonerates Leahy.

Players can certainly play-act to try to fool the referee but the spontaneous instant reaction of all the Doncaster players was to appeal for handball, while Guthrie, Morris, Cook and Ferrier who were our nearest players looked sheepish and had no interest in appealing or complaining.


He could have his hand anywhere upon Wright’s body and it would’nt make it handball. Likewise the entire population of Doncaster could have spontaneously appealed for a pen but it doesn’t mean it was one. The only thing that constitutes a hand-ball in the laws of football is a deliberate movement of ball to hand, or additionally in these newfangled modern times ball hitting hand in an “un-natural position”. Neither of those scenarios are clear from a slow motion vid in this instance, It very much looks like Mr Wright hand-balled first in fact, and then for some reason shoved Leahy in the chest right in front of the ref, and a lot closer than the penalty incident. If the ref’s eyesight is so sharp that it is better than unlimited replays then why did he not spot this obvious yellow card offence less than two yards from the end of his hooter?