Doncaster Rovers (H) Sep 15th, 3pm


I am in the “dead” stand and I heard the crowd behind the goal shout "handball’ . They would hardly of done that if Leahy had handled it would they? Also this eagle eyed referee got many other decisions wrong over the game including just before the penalty a corner given to Donny which was clearly a goal kick. In his post match interview Devlin said the players felt his performance went downhill from that moment. Anyway it was given and clearly from this discussion it wasn’t clearcut. We move on …perhaps we will get a similarly disputed penalty in the season ahead.


My ten pence worth.

As mentioned by almost everybody, the referee was appalling. I was about 15 yards away from the penalty incident and I thought it hit the Donny players hand. I find it hard to believe that the referee ‘knew’ with 100% certainty that it hit Leahy’s hand which justifies him giving the penalty. As for what happened after the incident, there was nothing in it. Leahy accidentally trod on the heel of Wright as he walked towards the referee, Wright give him a little nudge back. Not even handbags. Ferrier was fouled in the lead up to the third goal also. On top of that, he incident where he was fouled by Wright while running down the left and the referee gave a goal kick was the worst of the lot.

Doncaster played us at our own game in terms of bastardy and we fell for it unfortunately. Marquis seems like the type of player you hate but would love in your side. Wilks was pulling some faces to the crowd and blowing a few kisses while in the wall defending a free kick but didn’t do anything worth crying about or ‘reporting’ that I saw on Twitter. Although the tweet did say ‘He wow be laughing now his bin court and band.’ so that probably tells you all you need to know.

Game of fine margins, keeper made a fantastic save at 1-1 from Ferrier, if that goes in then it’s a different game altogether. Same as Ronan’s effort blocked at 3-1.

Talking of Ronan, hindsight is a wonderful thing but Saturday wasn’t the game for him. I said to my pal pre-match that from what I’ve seen of him, I doubt he’s the sort of player to play in a 2 in centre mid. The system at Barnsley is what suits him. Clearly a good player, great touch and vision so all this talk of ‘sending him back’ after him playing about 120 minutes for us is ridiculous. Just needs to be played in the right system

As most of said, how we react on Saturday is important. At the same time, it still isn’t the end of the world if we don’t win. The Doncaster result might just be a kick up the backside we need.


It wasn’t just the penalty that showed the ref’s incompetency; btw I couldn’t tell if it was or wasn’t from my seat, and neither can I tell now after watching it several times up close and slow-mo (which should suggest that it wasn’t clear enough to be given). The fact that he dished out a yellow card for the offence, and then within minutes gave a handball against Doncaster near the half way line, which was an infinitely clearer offence and gave no card! Further to that, later in the first half during one of their forays into our box one of their attackers deliberately handled the ball after he had gone to ground. Again the ref gave us a free kick but no card!

Just for the those 3 instances alone he gave a complete display of his ineptitude, not to mention the countless other moments during the game where I was speechless in his decisions. I have to say I also wonder why the assistant officials we get down at Bescot seem incapable of giving a decision on a throw-in or a corner without checking which way the referee is pointing first??? Why are they even there???

It took at least 3 pints of Decoy Duck (I think that’s what it was called) in the Black County Arms after the game before I had calmed down enough to talk to ‘our kid’ again.


I’ve finally calmed down now, so I’ll just chip in with some observations.
There’s no need to talk about the referee any further.
He didn’t score four goals against us.

I’m not worried in the slightest about the effort and passion shown by the team.
We are a brilliant, young and frankly naive side and it showed today.
The disappointment to me is that we have been giving it out and can’t take it in return.
We got sucked into a street fight by some cleverer and more experienced opponents.

I’ve never seen a team beaten 1-4 at home and still get a standing ovation.
That should tell you everything you need to know about the game.

I’m not bothered in the slightest that we got turned over 1-4 on Saturday.
What I am bothered about is how they learn from it and how they respond.
Other sides will have noted this and it’s clear that we can’t look to the offficials to help us.

One incident has not been mentioned when I glanced through the thread.
I was a very long way away from the Keates incident, which ended up with him booked.
I’d like to know what happened from someone who was a lot nearer.
The team are very much in his image, which on the whole isn’t a bad thing.
The booking and altercation was out of character (as a manager), but he got sucked in too.
They have all got a lot to learn

On one other matter, can someone please deal with ‘Alan’.
He plays totally into Franksy’s hands and undermines us all and the club with his inane dribblings.
I only caught the end of it on Saturday, but I was far more embarrassed by that than anything on the field.


The “Keates” incident was too my right and as I saw it the Donny No 7 was holding onto the ball to prevent us taking a throw in and Dean tried to get the fall off him and probably said something too…possibly to the 4th official. The No 7 had done that trick on a number of occasions but no action was taken by the officials so I think Dean tried to take matters into his own hands. Unwise but understandable…on selection it probably explains his very cautious comments in the post match interview.


“selection” should read “reflection”…sorry about that.


OK, thanks for filling me in.
Yes, their 7 did his best to endear himself to everyone, didn’t he?


The practice of falling onto the ball and grabbing hold of it, regardless of whether or not a foul has been called, is a scourge of modern football.


Yeah we were pretty much behind it all and thats pretty much what happened, with Keates trying to wrestle the ball from the lad on loan from Leeds, who was a real wind-up merchant all game with his antics.

When we eventually got the ball back and tried to take the throw in quickly, their big assistant manager did his utmost to stop us taking it, then it all kicked off between their assistant manager having a go with our assistant manager and goalkeeping coach, with the 4th official trying to intervene, all whilst the ref was trying to show Keates the yellow card.

Just about summed up the officials.

One funny comment we heard, was after another of the refs dubious decisions, Leahy turned to the linesman and asked him if it was the refs first game in charge and the reply was - no, its his second.


If the ref had been a few feet away from a calendar on Saturday he would have probably said it was Sunday.


I think his name is Wilks their number 7 on loan from Leeds and looked one of the best player’s on the pitch to be fair
I know he did a couple of things to wind up the crowd but isn’t that the kind of thing we like doing to other team’s , I wished we could sign him tbh


He was brilliant all day. Constant thorn in our side.

What I didn’t like was how far the ref let him take it. He obstructed both Devlin and Keates, was involved in a pushing altercation and Dad ran off the pitch that even Peter Kay would have found ridiculous. How he didn’t pick up a card is beyond me. No criticism of the player if the ref lets you take it that far I’d want our players to do the same. Just poor game control from the ref.


Yes, this is exactly the point.
If the referee sets his stall out, we need to adapt accordingly.


Doncaster were so clinical in their time wasting, but suppose a weak referee will allow that. Whatever happened to the gain 10 yards rule when players didn’t keep their distance on a free kick?


Ref genuinely stood there and watched Coppinger obstruct the same free kick twice, absolutely amazing.

I’m not one to moan about the ref, I think it’s an easy way out and I don’t think he caused us to lose, but it really was a dreadful performance. Ferrier getting hacked down, for a goal kick and then picking up a yellow card himself was the final straw for me.


Given the penalty we conceded, I felt ignoring the Doncaster handball in the area second half was the icing on the cake.


Well,I think the crap has well and truly been analysed out of the afore mentioned fixture,can I just sum it up by saying this…we had a bad game,against a well organised team,who’s centre forward was probably related to the Ref.It’s over and done with now,these games happen during a season,bring on Oxford.