Doncaster v Walsall postponed

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Only jought me ticket this morning


Will that mean all 3 will be left out against Forest Green as Sadler tends to leave LG on the bench when coming back from International duty

We’re just to good for these low life teams
Should be called internationalsall

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That was the season we had no goal keeper and just used three loans wasn’t it? Him, Darlow and McScarey.

Mixed feelings but main overall emotion is pride like Sadler.

“For me, to have three internationals in the group says a bit about the group that we have and I am extremely proud of all three of the guys to go away and represent their countries and we should be proud as a football club with the things that they are achieving and for the esteem that they are held in within their countries.”


Chuffed for the 3 of them and the club.


A free weekend to get hopefully Draper and co fit
Well done to the 3 lads


Montserrat must be desperate for players if they want Comley in their squad.

His brother plays for them too.

Gotta loff aye ya, internationals !!! :joy::joy:

And his grandad :joy: :wink:

Haven’t you got any family ties to get yourself called up as a keeper? Ex-Bluenose Lee Bowyer is their current manager.

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I would have a chance with Malta Ireland and Romania( if they had a Gypsy team) according to my family tree :joy:

Do you mean Romania or Romany? :wink:

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Deffo Romany :wink:

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You could earn your air fare over there by selling them pegs and lucky heather. :rofl:

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I have made a bit of a living out of it while working for the council :joy: :wink

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In fact line props are an even better earner :joy: