Draw for the F. A. Cup 1st round

Yes, it’s that time of year again - the REAL Cup competition gets under way soon, and the draw for the 1st round takes place at 7pm next Monday (live on BBC2).

Although various cup competitions have been devalued over the years it’s worth noting what income can be gained in these troubled times … For getting through each round the prize money goes like this:-

1st round winners - £22,629
2nd round winners - £34,000
3rd round winners - £82,000
4th round winners - £90,000
5th round winners - £180,000
Quarter-finals - £360,000
Semi-finals - £900,000 (losers receive £450,000)
Final - £1,800,000 (losers receive £900,000)

Not to be sniffed at…


In the current circumstances, progress could be more important financially than usual.
What is the situation vis a vis crowds in the cup? If we are drawn away against non-league opposition will it be home supporters only? Or will it depend in which level league they might be playing in?

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Elite teams are considered teams from PL to NL Regionals

As it stands right now (Home vs Away):

Elite vs Elite - No fans

Elite vs. Non Elite - No fans

Non Elite vs Elite - Home Fans only.

Non Elite vs Non Elite - Fans up to reduced maximum.

Best draw for me would be Stafford Rangers away as I can get a ticket.

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Saw the Stafford report on Midlands today (I’m sure they were a decent Conference team like Solihull not so long ago). Said if they were to win and get Sunderland at home in round 1 they could get 600 in but no fans allowed at Stadium of Light.

Also said the prize money for winning each round has decreased this season which is pretty poor from the FA.

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Very poor from the FA to decrease winnings in a time of no fans . Should be increased by 50 % for a season if they were in touch with the plight lower league teams find themselves in :see_no_evil:


Yeah they were in the Conference at one point, but they’ve been mis-managed for a while and found themselves in real trouble last year. They finished bottom last year but I think had a repreive due to leagues changing again. I was going to go tomorrow, but they’ve sold out so I’m going to be on iFollow with the lads.

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My local boys are through. A fine victory away at Chester which would normally see around 500 Crosby folk forming a conga all the way back to the Marine clubhouse.

My worry is that the draw is Marine vs Walsall. A dream I’ve had for thirty odd years now. Home fans only on a reduced capacity would give me a sniff but just wouldn’t be the same as 2,500 crammed in with 500 or so Saddlers enjoying a day at the seaside.

It’s gonna happen.

Then we’ll get Everton away in the third round with nobody allowed in.


By “we”, are you referring to Marine or Walsall?*

*Since you mention the 3rd round, I think we all know who you meant. :rofl:


There’s only one “we”! :joy::joy:. Well two, if you count the team my lad plays for. Who also won today. So only Walsall of the three teams I care about failing to win.

6 miles from my front door to Goodison. Walked it back once when the trains were on strike or broke. Took eight hours. Sadly, around half the pubs that acted as pit stops on that walk home don’t exist anymore.

If either side got drawn at Everton in the third round it would be bitter-sweet. Sweet because my word getting through a couple of rounds would mean some much needed cash. Bitter because to do it with nobody there would be heartbreaking. I’d feel the same if we got Spurs, Newcastle, Arsenal or Chelsea.

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Not so bothered about Arsenal or Chelsea but the other 3 I agree

Cray Valley Paper Mills sounds like some 19th century team playing Royal Engineers in the cup final! Anyone know much about them or live close, I’m guessing Kent?

Play in Eltham, the nicely named Badgers Sports Ground, they are well sett there apparently. Looks like best way would be Blackwall tunnel and instead of turning right on the A2 towards Millwall, just carry on for a bit.
First game was 1919, so a bit late for the glory years of Royal Engineers. They do sound a bit Dickensian though,


Hoping for Hayes and Yeading away, might be able to snag a ticket with @DanG_WFC from a H&Y supporter!


The ball numbers have now been revealed…

Walsall - Ball number 47

All numbers from 49 to 80 are non-League clubs (Solihull Moor4s are number 51)

Hayes and Yeading are ball number 63 …

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Fingers crossed

Go to hope we get a side well down the pyramid so it gets put on the box However it will probably fairytale utd from Salford

At least we’d be on the telly :wink:


BUMP … (BBC 2 this evening) … Ball 47

Darrell Clarke derby.

Poor draw that.