Dutton Out

Quick, get me that season ticket application form :smiley:

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Well you would hope so!!

The most attacking and arguably best performance under Dutton was v Harrogate, and we kept a clean sheet. There is nothing in football that says failing to attack results in better defence, infact often the contrary is true, let your defence do its job when called upon, but having the ball in attacking areas is a better form of preventing the opposition from scoring, its called defending from the front, and so long as you are well drilled and maintain your intended shape there is no reason to “leave gaps”.

We havn’t been behind very often early on under Dutton, but for example against Grimsby, after falling behind we had to attack properly and prudently, and suddenly we were the better team, creating numerous chances before half-time one of which resulted in a goal. Half-time arrived and we hardly had an attack worthy of the name after. So what was the more effective passage of play 20 mins to 45 or the second half? Clearly what was said at half-time didn’t improve matters.


If duttons still in charge next year the atmosphere alone would turn people off

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Something similar. DC’s project fizzled out, but when PV came calling, who else could finish this season? New manager, who would be learning the team for a while and risking league status, or someone, who knew this group of players and knew their limitations? Time will tell, who was right and who wasn’t.

It isn’t a risk

It was a risk to give an unproven Brian the job after he was already part of the developing issues under DC

As the first 10 games came to an end without a win it was less of a risk and more of a serious error of judgment to keep him in the job


Yeah this is what I’m thinking now. I just can’t imagine that he’d come out with the stuff he has over the however many videos and then stand by a man who hasn’t won in this many, and even risk early bird season ticket sales.

I reckon it’ll be the DoF’s first task to find a manager and as I’ve said previously it’s probably the best case scenario really as the manager will know what and who he’s working with, and it’ll be someone the DoF wanted and wants to work with etc.

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If Dutton were fired today, unless someone had already been lined up, which I think is highly unlikely, Sadler would be player manager to see the season out. I’m not sure that helps too much, much as I like Mat Sadler.


I am slowly coming round to thinking the same thing myself now. It would make sense to get the DoF position sorted and then if a new manager/head coach were to come in over the summer then it would be good to have to the 2 roles both working in tandem and have to same ideas about how to move the football side of things forward. The last thing we need now is a DoF and manager who have different ideas or a clash of personalities.

I’m sure that the DoF would also have a big say on who any new management appointment would be in any event. As much as I would like to see Dutton removed from the head coach role I really think that it is too late now and too much time has been wasted and lost. I do wonder though that when we come to the end of the season, and if no management changes have been made, then who will decide on the retained and released list? I know that we would look to release most of this squad anyway but there are a couple who I feel should be offered new deals. I would like to think that Dutton wouldn’t have any say whatsoever in that decision process, and any new manager should surely have the chance to at least pick through what’s currently here.

I appreciate that this is also where the new DoF comes in but he won’t be the one who will be picking the team, tactics and those players required for the various positions on match days. It just seems to me that we are already missing an opportunity and wasting the time now preparing for next season.

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Perhaps I have a future in marketing. :grinning:


With either a new DoF or a new manager in charge of the retained list, how the hell are they going to know how good (or on the whole appalling bad) most of our current squad are?
A question that not a lot of folk will have thought about…
Perhaps, god forbid, better to let Dutton decide that and let the new brooms pick the new recruits?

New possible director or head coach (or manager) can buy IFollow passes for games and/or be at the stadium, when the team trains. So they can have some knowledge, who should stay and who not.

Just to go back to this…he did sign Adebayo, Jules and Holden. Now Jules I really think he mismanaged a fair bit considering he only got a good run at CB right at the end but ultimately DC probably said in his pitch to the Vale board…there’s a guy I took with minimal football league experience and club made a profit on him, same for Adebayo and very likely Holden will be the same in 12 months time so three going for decent money isn’t that bad a ratio.

Where he failed was pretty much all the senior pros flopping, Sinclair o.k last season but way past his best now, J.Clarke o.k this season but far from commanding CB that was promised, Sadler playing every week now says it all and Guthrie flopped. Less said about Liddle the better and Lavery been pretty poor aswell.

You expect hit and misses from the young players signed but if you’re signed 6 senior players to form the spine you really need 4 to come off given the wages spent on them.

Was no better for Keates getting in Russell Martin. Within six months Dean Smith signed Chambers so there’s the difference. Next manager must choose well for whichever senior pro comes in to become the on pitch leader.


Not just that, Gordon got injured just before October window and there was last minute scramble to get in George and Scrimshaw on loan.

Honestly think with no crowds the board just decided to do the bare minimum transfer wise this season knowing it can’t get toxic during the games and well you reap what you sow in the long run.

As I posted the other day Stevenage were pretty much bottom 2 in January, signed three quality league 2 players and are now comfortably top half so if they can do it…

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Got to say that Duttons pre FGR interview on YouTube has got me a little bit annoyed.

He firstly talks about how our defence has improved and that he is happier with the progress made going forward. He then takes a shot at the fans by saying a lot of people write off attacking players quickly. But weirdly he says he doesn’t think like that and that he believes in them - which on the evidence of his management is just untrue.

Wes McDonald, for how poor he has been, has been mostly frozen out. Tyriek Wright took a while to get back into the side and was even played at Wing Back before getting a run at winger. Jack Nolan was finally finding some form in January but has disappeared entirely since. Frank Vincent tried to attack and was looking like someone who could actually run forwards and attack with the ball and has suddenly been bombed out of the side.

Both Gordon and Lavery have been on the receiving end of half time or early subs, some in back to back games. Cameron Norman who despite being a defender, was among our most creative players, has been completely frozen out too. Jayden Reid was given one half against Exeter and was never seen since. Osei Yaw has only really been thrown on as a last resort aside from one start that I can remember. For all of that he is bloviating about being above those who criticise our forwards, he hasn’t showed any particular belief or loyalists to any of them except Osadebe.

He then talks about how a lot of people at the football club had written off Elijah Adebayo - implying that was the fans. Whilst that may be true for a few fans, I remember the major perception of him being a frustrating prospect. He had nice feet and got into good areas but couldn’t put it in the net. So two digs at the fans pretty early on, exactly what the club need at this time.

Then he goes on to talk about a conversation that he had with Elijah before a match which he seems to imply to have had so much of an effect on him that he started to score goals off the back of it. That comment alone was striking to me, almost like he was trying to claim responsibility for his turn in form. Sounds more like Clarke’s billy big ■■■■■■■■ god complex every day.

He also talks about stats like us having 3 clean sheets this season before his tenure, whilst having 3 in his last 4 that he argues should have been 4 in 4. Whilst this is true and an undoubted positive - he also fails to mention at all the complete lack of attacking nous. In fact he talks about turning the corner in that regard. Never mind that the giant stat hovering over his head is the zero wins - the stats show us having gone from a dead corpse to a half dead corpse. We are still only averaging 1 expected goal a game, which when you are dealing with our out of form and inept strikers just isn’t good enough.

xG vs Orient was 1.07 to their 0.69
xG vs Harrogate was 1.97 to their 0.73
xG vs Grimsby was 1.26 to their 1.38
xG vs Southend was 0.71 to their 1.97
xG vs Bolton was 0.99 to their 1.62

He isn’t entirely wrong either but it is really clutching at straws and shows his desperation.

The more I see of his brand of football and the more I hear from him the less that I like him. Can easily see how he would impress with his quick fire stats and how he talks, but if you put what he says under a microscope it either falls
apart of flatters to deceive.


He’s channelling the Clarke approach, no thanks mate we’ve had more than enough of that.

As I have said before the bloke is a walking contradiction. To think some want him back in the coaching setup should we employ another manager. Get rid, simples.

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From memory it was fairly clear when DD was appointed that he was the target all along and Broadhurst was only a bench warmer waiting for the Aussie season to end, perhaps LP is following a play out JB little black book of deceitful tactics

Deceitful? Or just keeping your cards close to your chest? There’s plenty of things to blame Bonser for, but keeping schtum then wouldn’t be one of them.

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The more words I hear come out of Duttons mouth the more I realise that he is a complete bull-■■■■■■■!!!