Earing Knee Injury

According to Flynn, Earing has suffered a serious knee injury.

From the sounds of it, that’s him out for the season

If his out for season I’d imagine that will be the end of his Walsall career

What a big blow that is for the lad.He hasn’t been at his best this season but is a good player at this level. Good luck Jack. Hope you soon recover.


Terrible news poor lad.

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Gutted. Terrible news. I hope he’ll recover soon.

Bad news.

I imagine it’s now imperative to sign a replacement in that 8 role.


Yes bad blow and I hope it isn’t just Kins-Comley for rest of the season now.

We’ve seen in last two months the midfield has had a balanced look to it and reflected in results so with the budget increasing that type needs to be on the shopping list.

Said him before but someone like Liam Sercombe would be an excellent pick up. Cheltenham might not want to let him go though as they’re being drawn into relegation battle.


Sad for the lad but he hasn’t been that great under Flynn. Probably won’t see him in a Walsall shirt again I suspect.


Why do we keep getting so many bad leg injuries??

Flynn said they won’t know how bad it is till he has a scan tomorrow.

He hasn’t has much luck this season has he!

That’s a bugger. Can be a lovely pace-setting player at his best.


Was going to say the same thing, didn’t he have a disrupted to non-existent preseason. I’m sure he has had a couple of niggles throughout the season as well. He hasn’t looked fit, in terms of injury free, all season to me which I think has hampered his performances. Wish him a speedy recovery.


The club have just tweeted our worst fears, long term injury. Possibly the last we’ll see of him in a Saddlers shirt which would be a crying shame as on his day he’s a joy to watch.


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Gutted for him
Out of contract end of the year Aswell
I’d let him go as we can’t afford another Holden/cuvelier situation but wish him all the best.
Good player on his day and shame this keeps happening to him x

I hope we won’t let him go if the injury goes beyond the end of this season . We have a good record as a Club of trying to look after injured players and I hope that continues.


Was you just on the wireless?

No…haven’t been on there for years.

Oh ok, someone talking about how well we look after injured players

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Well, we’ve had lots of practice at it this season…