Early Bird 24/25

Slight price increases from this season

Other clubs have put their price up alot more than that.

I’m pleasantly surprised to be honest.

Ffs they’re gonna make me buy another one aren’t they


If the club is close or in the playoffs in a month you’d shift a lot more with the excitement
If we linger around 16th many who are on the fence won’t be pushed


Have they gone up a bit?

£20 increase for my ticket in the Poundland Middle/Upper.


Upper and Middle has gone up £20 for adults.

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Less than a quid a game

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£20 for me. £23 for my daughter but £1 back when she attends. I’m ok with that


Was expecting a small rise, £20 is fine.

Extra benefits next season by having a full season pass to the Locker.

Will be renewing 100%


The marketing video is first class:


“Up the Saddlers. Forever.”


How does it work if my son is 17 now, but 18 later this year. If i buy in april, can i get the under 18 price ?

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Absolutely my son turned 21st this august but bought the young persons ST for this season because I got it while he was under 21

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Not sure how much it was last season but I am sure it worked out at £11 a game not so long back. Over £14 now, which is fine I guess. I’m not sure it will be so comfortable in 5 years time, but that’s just my opinion. I will be getting one anyway.


In the past they have used the age that they are at the time of buying. Did so with my Son when he was coming up to 12.

Don’t take as definite though, cos the might change it.

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True, but in comparison in 5 years time how much on average will a pint be, a takeaway pizza, a budget hotel room rate , cinema ticket etc. if you could ask yourself 5 years ago you’d pay what you do now, your former self would most likely say not a chance.


Yeah, everything goes up obviously.

Football at our level is already overpriced in my opinion (not just Walsall) but I guess most of the things you mentioned are too.

How much was a season ticket 5 , 10 and 20 years ago?

What’s the increase for ? :joy: