Early Bird Season Tickets 24/25

Have you purchased a ST for 24/25?
  • Yes - Was a 23/24 ST Holder
  • Yes - Did NOT have a 23/24 ST
  • No - Was a 23/24 ST Holder
  • No - Did NOT have a 23/24 ST

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Did you get one? Why OR Why Not?

Yes. It’s what I do.


Love watching Walsall, blessed that we have such excellent entertainment for such good value

Although I want Walsall to grow and succeed would hate to be a fan of a club where I was on a waiting list for an ST

yes and in true fashion we lost the next game 5 nil.

Sorry about that…

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Good to see @Stretch has got one.

Well done.

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I renewed on the first day of the early bird.
There’s no chance I’ll stop going unless ill health strikes.


Ran out of retail parks


Think there’s lots to be optimistic about so don’t think you’ll regret it.

Contemplating requesting a refund after MK :joy:


I have just this second parted with £400 in the hope of watching some high quality football that matches that value. I’m back in!


I got one for me and the kids because despite not getting one for this season, we have only missed one home game. Not only the extra cost, I had to rely on people helping me out to get away tickets for Alfreton, and would probably struggle for the away leg if we did manage to sneak in the playoffs. An all-round daft decision that I probably won’t make ever again.

That said, despite it being better football than last season, it is definitely the emotional attachment that keeps me coming back, not the entertainment value.


First season I’ll be missing since I was at university. I’ll miss the social aspect for sure.


@Semaj still have time for ppg graphs and stats though …


Renewed on the first day after 20 minutes of them being on sale :grinning:

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Won’t be renewing after 15-20 years as ST holder.

The buzz has gone for good I think. Wish it hadn’t but it has.


No simply because I can’t afford it
That’s life on the poverty line i guess
Hopefully my fortunes change for next year!


Been a Walsall supporter through thick and thin for the last 27 years, but living in North Wales it’s difficult to get to home games. So when I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a Wrexham season ticket instead I have jumped at the chance - the chance to be part of the Ryan Reynolds story in such a fine and beautiful city could not be turned down.

Wtf …

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Got to be an April Fools joke in there somewhere. :man_shrugging:


Fuckyeah :rofl:…very good :rofl:

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