Easter (with the players)

Must have missed the official announcement of this but tickets are available on the ticketing site, looks like this will be an absolute riot.

Easter With The Players
4th April 2024
Doors Open 4:00pm
Departure 7:30pm

Adults £15
Concessions (under 12’s/OAPs) £10
Includes: Basket meal, Easter activities/games, DJ/DJT, photo opportunity, cash bar facility.

Event Detail:

After such a successful and enjoyable Christmas with the Players, we’re extending this to an Easter EGGStravaganza with another fun-filled evening for our devoted fans. A great opportunity to meet the team and not forgetting Swifty!

Our resident DJT and MC will be pumping out all of your favourite Easter tunes, featuring the likes of Fatboy Slim - Praise You and U2 - Sunday Bloody (Easter) Sunday, and you won’t need to shell out a small fortune to attend, come along for what promises to be a cracking early evening of Walsall Football Club entertainment and we’re not yolking!

Please note that tables are not allocated and seating is informal. Poor behaviour may lead to exclusion for future Walsall FC events.

If anyone else was wondering, this is for real, although possibly not without the odd Croddian embellishment.


The editor of the OS loves an exclamation mark! Was slightly dissappointed there were only 4 in this news item though!

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Is Exclamation Mark friends with Everton Andy?


I find the concept of Swifty dressed as a Playboy bunny a little disturbing :face_with_spiral_eyes:


If it’s anything like the Christmas event it will be good for those with children. I posted at the time how great all the players and management team were with the kids, and I’m taking my daughter again.


Will DJ be doing the DJ’ing?

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Mines 4 is he to young ?
He likes to party with the best of them

My youngest is 4 too, and may think of taking him next year if they do it again. Plan on taking him to his first match next month to see how he takes it.

Mine is 5 but I have taken her to a few games and she does know some of the players names and by sight which helped because a lot of it is mingling having photos and getting autographs etc. At Christmas they played games mucical statutes with Owen Evans doing the calling and that sort of thing.


Any requests for DJ/DJT I would suggest contacting the SLO if they want their favourite Easter songs

I took my lad to his first match when he was 4. Last game of the season at MK Dons. Jabo scored the winner. Must have been 16 years ago! It was a warm sunny day and he was so excited to go to his first match, having a hotdog that took most of the first half to eat and seeing Jesus in our end.

It was too much for him and spent the second half fast asleep!


I’ve took mine to around 5 games this year when the weathers warmer
Sometimes he sits and watches , sometimes he watches bluey all times he gets a face painting


It was a great day that one. I believe Jesus still posts on here occasionally!


I started both my lads at 4, I found it was a bit too soon. I’m not saying it will be for you. Mine just didn’t take to it at that time, and I think if I had pushed it they would have been lost. My youngest actually took to it first and my eldest could take it or leave it. Now 11 and 13 years old they are both always up for it, despite some of the grim stuff we have watched over recent years. It really is such a wonderful feeling going off to the games with them, the same as I did with my Dad. That is the true meaning of Walsall FC to me.