End of an Errea



No Mole, no goal…


At last…

Surely that’s a miske? Some one has made an enormous ‘Errea’ in judgement there…(see what I did there???lol)

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New long term deal with Pep&Co incoming…

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Keep taking the pills :wink:

Hope its Marks and Sparks

Hope it fruit of the loom or ballenciaga

Something like this would be modern

£1050 for the short £750 for the shorts
We need to get more with the times , modernise and attract new younger fan bases and with this we may even get an influencer on instagram or tik-Tok to get involved ! Could be a huge opportunity

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Think I have taken too many, that’s the problem…:wink:

I can see those sunglasses selling well in the club shop.

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Hopefully they will do a women’s range that actually fit.

Get Stone Island in to design the kits so everyone can look double HARD

Hummel or castore for me …

Asda george for me

Aldi Helmut for me. ( Wonder if he’s mates with Everton Andy)

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Is it true we only had Erreà because Dan Mole got a free trip to Italy every year?


It’s got to be a kit from Poundland surely!

It’s giving me an Eton 3rd kit vibe. Definitely got a “just beat me up now” feel to it.

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Its defo already sorted. My mate knows and ive been picking at him to say, but hes tight lipped!

My Pref:

  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Umbro

Dont really want Castore, same as the dog heads :nauseated_face: