End of an Errea

Tbf Macron make great kits

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Also from that photo, good to see people heeding the advice of @KingCrod and taking their allocated seats nice and early



Sod off :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Some decent stuff

I do like a lot of those. £76.99 seems to be standard for English kits :exploding_head:

As Micky Mouse as Errea and Diadora but we are what we are.

Won’t be any Nike Adidas or Puma to keep the fans happy.

But as long as the team WINS. Don’t care what they wear.


Probably end up with something like this…

Performance clause. 1 goal a season meaning by the time he’s 26 he will have 5 in total :joy:

Some amazing kits on there

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Early warning they come small like Erea did.

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Don’t care about the brand as long as the kits are well made. Thought Errea’s were really subpar - the only sporting shirt I’ve ever returned.


Example of a Macron top

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Dundee Danny Johnson

Suits him that!
Would be a good move for him at this time in his career!
And we will Be able to release josh Flash Gordon shirts with a terrible quality finish

Bit more lively than all green!

It is what it is. They supply kits to a lot of British clubs.

I think the bigger the supplier, the more generic the kits. If we went with Nike, Adidas or Puma we’d just be given a template and little involvement in the completed product.