England womens game

I’ve searched the web but cant seem to find out if we have received anything for hosting the game - does anyone know?

it`ll be undisclosed.

I’d guess a percentage of ticket sales, food sales etc.

Did they have any stock or staff in the kiosks?
Or is that just ‘hospitality’?

Has anyone been to the women’s friendlies?

I was wondering if the match day experience was the same as Walsall - or something more current…?

If current, then why can’t we change things like “pride of the midlands” and the who?!

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"The super saddlers pride of the Midlands " …make me cringe every time he says it , it really needs changing

“The Splendid Saddlers, jewel in the crown of the Greater West Midlands conurbation!!”


Well the music was more modern. Found myself questioning where I was…whoever it was decided to mix songs too. Was well good.

The food service was still as bad and so were the stewards.

One thing I did notice being at the game was how ■■■■■■■ annoying those stanchions are. Normally in homeserve/tile choice/gilbert alsop end so doesn’t bother me but was in family stand and sat right behind one of them - how a club in 2019 can still have those is beyond me.

There should definitely be a restricted view ticket at a reduced price.

Or just removed ! or just knocked down and rebuilt preferably :+1:

The standard of football is shocking - but how nice it was to see a decent crowd again!

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I just don’t get the whole thing. FFS man up yow lot :wink:

I think it’s just dawned on me who you are (were on the old UTS).

Slow ay I?


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Not Ancient Moaner :joy::joy:

I bet you were, hence all the insipid accusations about me!
AM lives again!

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