Excuse & Dingle picture

Isn’t it about time the WFC homepage in the E&S was updated,the picture still shows 2 ex-players.How about a picture of Bonser handing the keys over to Leigh Pomlett,or a picture of the Walsall fan’s at Northampton.


Seems like Mr Pomlett shares your views

Hasten to add this is a (somewhat strange) parody account


I’ve been well and truly done there :joy::joy:

Making the right noises. Keep on retweeting!

Somebody must be listening as the pic has now been changed to Saturday’s goal celebration.

Mind you, they also have an article about Lavery’s signing - yet it’s not mentioned in today’s transfer rumours. How come an actual transfer Is it not suitable for that feature?

And the article about LP being more open in communication with fans is just repeating what he said at last week’s press conference interview. How long are they going to be rehashing that transcript to give them “news”?

They’re saving that for tomorrow so we don’t moan about them writing ‘All quiet at the Banks’s’ :wink:

The Sinclair article is his interview from last week just typed up.