FA Cup Draw - Round 1

True, that would not be as you like it, would it?

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Solihull moors or Sunderland at home.

Yeovil Away please! If they beat Weymouth in the replay …

Theres no time for sentiment- we’re due a good cup run so we need to draw the lowest placed non league team in the competition at home and beat them.
Second round we need to draw the lowest placed non league team remaining in the draw and beat them too.
Third round needs to be Liverpool away.
I haven’t yet decided who we need in the 4th round.


What a shit place to get to.

We are #46

Absolutely spot on!
We may not be allowed to play all loanees, so we need a simple, straightforward team that we can beat comfortably. Then the same in Round 2. We desperately need a big club in Round 3, preferably at home and televised.
I think that should do it!!

Anybody beatable at home, same in round 2, a struggling Prem team at home in round 3, someone like Norwich or Dirty Leeds, then in round 4 some big time charlies at home like Sunderland or some such team distracted by a promotion challenge and too many games, then in the fifth away at ManUre or Spurts and give it a right go. It would be nice to have a cup run, get a bit of glory and make piles of cash for our number one fan.


Theres only one… Shrewsbury away!

If we draw Kiddy or Solihull or anyone within range away the tickets will sell like hot cakes.

It’ll be a shit draw, always is, and we won’t get past it - is what I’m telling myself as it’s the other half’s birthday so I’ve got no chance of going :joy:

I’d prefer Weymouth

:rofl: Bristol Rovers away or something like that!

Fair enough but who are we going to play in the 6th rd, semis & final?

Doesn’t matter, I’ll leave that to the luck of the draw. Our first European tie next year will be interesting too.

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Weem gonna end up with a stinker here

Kings lynn town away then!


Where’s that lol :joy::joy:

Other side of Peterborough about 2 and a half hours away

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