FA Cup Draw - Round 1

The draw for the FA Cup Rd 1 takes place tomorrow (Sunday), live on ITV 1:05pm.

It looks like most of the final prelim round games ended in draws but notably Kiddy got through as did Solihull Moors. There were big wins for ex league sides, Southend, Grimsby and Chesterfield. Bowers and Pitsea, whoever they are are, in the hat having beaten Aldershot. So who do you fancy for a cup run lasting more than the first half, or for a bit of TV money.

I’d been fancying a trip to Jersey Bulls (a), but they got knocked out in the last round.

Hope all the loan players can play …

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Banbury away would be a good tie.

Rd 1 - aka the final round. My missus is already asking me what we’re doing on 4th December as we’ll have a free Saturday. :joy:


Stratford Town (A) would be a good one, should they win their replay.

Brackley away if they win their replay.
Got an old work colleague that supports them, so would be good to meet up for a beer or two.

Buxton or Kettering
Pontefract or Halifax
Tamworth or Notts Co

Away, obviously.

Any decent non league away day

But we’ll definitely get someone like Fleetwood Away :woozy_face:


Some interesting non-league sides in the draw where an away tie might mean it’s on the TV (not sure how much this is worth?)

So Stevenage or Crawley away then

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If only Shakespeare was still playing for us.

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I’ve been to Stratford, I wasn’t impressed, in fact I thought it was much ado about nothing.


That’s a real tragedy, sorry to hear you had a bard time.

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Shrewsbury notts county or Wrexham away

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Home draw for me as work Christmas party, non league team would be nice.

Could be Taming of the Shrews bury


With the improvement in our defence there would be less chance of it being a comedy of errors. In fact after the game it would be alls well that ends well.

Wouldn’t want any of them as would probably lose to all three.

I’d normally just say home draw but would probably struggle against those three at home aswell! At least all three would bring bigger followings than 90% of league 2 clubs.

Kiddy at home would be good.

But if we go out in the first round, it will be the usual Winters Tale.

Port vale , Shrewsbury, kiddy notts county, Burton anybody local away really. . We tend to get a low home attendance in the 1st round which usually ends up in a below par performance. ( as many teams do now sadly )Would rather it be local and away With a large and vocal backing to give us more chance of progressing.


Torquay away would be nice if they can overcome Havant.

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