FA Cup Prediction League 2023-24 - 4th Round (Thurs 25th - Mon 29th Jan)

We have now got to the knockout stage of the FA Cup prediction competition and all 32 predictors are still alive (!) and going head to head. After the conclusion of the 3rd round, the top two from one group go up against the bottom two, with ‘home advantage’ of a bonus point ahead of the games. If two predictors end up on the same number of points, then individual result scores will be looked at to determine the victor.

Here are the match ups for the round:

HughBear v Harlequin
Simon v Gavin77
Professor Peach v AndyPetterson
Welsh_Saddller v Saddler1977
ManchesterSaddler v ButtsSaddler
hkpete v Jayelar
JollyJohnny v Laundryman
Saddla v Bluejay
Exile v Catkearns
RedandWhite v matt_saddlesore
Shilts v tinned
Pingu v RobHarv3y
addo v DonningtonSaddler
TheHassBoss v chunkster
Shrewsbury_saddler v Winging-it
BoldmereSaddler v cookyskid

To avoid any predicting issues and skullduggery, each player needs to PM me their 3 predictions and I will post them all up on here at some point on Sunday, once the majority of games have been played, so all can see them.

Here are the games with kick off times if not 3pm:

AFC Bournemouth v Swansea City 19:45

Bristol City v Nottingham Forest 19:45
Chelsea v Aston Villa 19:45
Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry City 19:45
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City 20:00

Ipswich Town v Maidstone United 12:30
Everton v Luton Town
Leeds United v Plymouth Argyle
Leicester City v Birmingham City
Sheffield United v Brighton & Hove Albion
Fulham v Newcastle United 19:00

West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers 11:45
Watford v Southampton 14:00
Liverpool v Norwich City 14:30
Newport County v Manchester United 16:30

Blackburn Rovers v Wrexham 19:30

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