FA Cup Prediction League 2023-24 - 6th Round QFs (Sat 16th & Sun 17th March)

This coming weekend is the 6th round of the FA Cup and the 4 Quarter Final games.
We have 8 players left in the hunt to lift the ‘trophy’ at Wembley in May! The quarter final line up is as follows:

Laundryman v TheHassBoss
Gavin77 v addo
Shilts v Pingu
ShrewsburySaddler v HughBear

For this round, players are to predict ALL 4 games but to help separate them, should it need it, there are some additional predictions so, for each game, predict a full time (90 mins) scoreline, an AET scoreline and a penalties result, for if it should get to that eventuality. As usual, it is 2 points for a correct scoreline and 1 point for a correct outcome.
e.g. Walsall 2 v 0 Man Utd (90 mins); 2-3 (AET); 1-4 (pelanties)
You don’t need to predict a drawing scoreline for it to go to AET or to then go to pelanties.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Coventry City 12:15
Manchester City v Newcastle United 17:30

Chelsea v Leicester City 12:45
Manchester United v Liverpool 15:30

Make sure games are all submitted (to me by PM) by kick off of the first game on Saturday and then I will post the head to head predictions for those keenies who want to keep an eye on how things progress!!

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Got them, cheers mate :+1:

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Just a quick query to be clear: even if we think there will be a result at 90 mins, you still want AET scorelines and a penalty result (i.e. who wins not the score for that?).

Is that right?

Yes, whatever you think is the 90 minute scoreline, predict a scoreline for the end of AET and a scoreline for how the penalty shoot out may finish, as the example I put in the post at the start of the thread. :+1:

e.g. Walsall 2 v 0 Man Utd (90 mins); 2-3 (AET); 1-4 (pelanties)

Thanks - sorry for not reading your message properly. Could you conform everything arrived please?

Yeah, all good mate, got all the messages :+1:

Sent mine

Yeah, all received mate, thanks!:+1:

FA Cup games fast approaching this weekend! As of now (Thursday evening) I have had predictions from:

Still need predictions from:


Sent them :+1:t2:

Thanks to TheHassBoss and Pingu for their predictions.

Just need shilts and addo now.

Just Shilts now to predict.

Come on shilts we can see all the predictions then :+1:

So people know, I am out from early tomorrow morning for the day, for a family event so won’t be able to post anything until some point in the evening at the earliest. I will post them all though!:wink:

Sorry folks, had a mad busy work week…ill send mine through now

For transparency, here are the predictions that people submitted - results and winners announcement on its way asap!

Wolves 2-2 Coventry City AET 3-2 Wolves; penalties 4-2 Wolves
Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United AET 3-2; penalties 4-3 City
Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City AET 1-1; penalties 4-3 Chelsea
Manchester United 1-3 Liverpool AET 1-1; penalties 4-3 United

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 Coventry City (90 mins); 2-1 (aet); 4-3 (pens)
Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle United (90 mins); 3-2 (aet); 5-4 (pens)
Chelsea 4-1 Leicester City (90 mins); 2-1 (aet); 3-4 (pens)
Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool (90 mins); 1-2 (aet); 4-5 (pens)

Wolves 3 Coventry 1 (90) Wolves 2 Coventry 1 (AET) 2-4 Pens
Man City 2 Newcastle 0 (90) Man City 3 Newcastle 1 (AET) 4-3 Pens
Chelsea 1 Leicester 1 (90) Chelsea 3 Leicester 2 (AET) 3-4 Pens
Man Utd 1 Liverpool 2 (90) Man Utd 1 Liverpool 3 (AET) 5-4 Pens

Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 v 1Coventry City AET 2v1 Pens 5 v 4
Manchester City 4 v 1 Newcastle United AET 3 v 1 Pens 5 v 4
Chelsea 4 v 1 Leicester AET 3 v 1 Pens 5 v 4
Man Utd 1 v 2 Liverpool AET 1 v 2 Pens 4 v 5

Wolves 2-1 Coventry, Wolves 2-1 Coventry AET, 4-5 pens
Manchester City 3-1 Newcastle, Manchester City 2-1 Newcastle AET, 7-6 pens
Chelsea 3-2 Leicester, Chelsea 2-1 Leicester AET, 5-3 pens
Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool, Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool AET, 4-5 pens

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Coventry City / WW 2-1 (AET), WW 5-4 penalties
Manchester City 3-0 Newcastle United / MC 2-1 (AET), MC 4-2 penalties
Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City / C 2-1 (AET), C 6-5 penalties
Manchester United 1-2 Liverpool / 1-2 Liv (AET), MU 5-4 penalties

Wolves 2-1 Coventry, Wolves 2-1 ( AET ), Wolves win 4-3 penalties
Man city 2-0 Newcastle, Man city 2-1 ( AET), Man city 4-3 penalties
Chelsea 2-1 Leicester, Chelsea 2-1 ( AET), Chelsea 4-3 penalties
Man utd 1-1 Liverpool, Man utd 2-2 Liverpool (AET), Liverpool 4-3 penalties

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Coventry City 3-1 90 mins 4-2 pens
Manchester City v Newcastle United 3-1 90 mins 4-2 pens
Chelsea v Leicester City 2-1 90 mins 3-4 pens
Manchester United v Liverpool 1-1 90 mins 1-1 AET 3-4 Pens

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