FA Cup Prediction League 2023-24 - Ideas & Poll - please vote!

Hi all, I am thinking of ‘resurrecting’ the FA Cup prediction league that I used to run alongside the league one but stopped it a few years ago due to drop in numbers etc (sounds much better than saying it got cancelled by the network! :yum:)

But, I am thinking of maybe doing it in a different way, so wanted people’s opinion before I set it up, if I do, in time for the 1st round in September. I have attempted to set up a poll (hope it has worked out okay!) and will see what comes of that over the next few weeks.

If you have any ideas yourself about how it could work or not, as the case may be, then feel free to share your ideas on here!

  • Same as prediction league - everyone picks any 3 games each round and guesses their results
  • Same as previous FA Cup incarnation - everyone picks 3 games each round: 1 home win, 1 away win, and 1 ‘upset’
  • Predictors are ‘drawn’ against each other and whoever scores most points knocks the other one out and proceeds to the next round (a la the actual FA Cup)

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Giving this thread a ‘bump’ given it is FA cup qualifying round again today and the first round proper will soon be upon us.

Please have a quick vote if you haven’t already and i’ll sort out the competition and format etc in the next few weeks as the first round is weekend of 4th Nov.