FA Cup Prediction

Hi all

For a bit of fun would anyone be up for some FA Cup predictions?
Idea would be - I will select 5 games at random from the first round.

Everyone then tries to predict the score for those 5 games.

Scoring would be as per the current prediction league for the correct result - 1 pt
However - guessing the correct score would give points for the total amount of goals predicted - ( with a minimum of 2 pts ) , so to reward brave predictions for David v Goliath type games .

eg A correctly predicted 0-0 draw would give 1 + (min) 2 pts = 3pts total
A 1-1 draw would give the same 1+2 = 3
A correctly predicted 3-1 win would give 1 + 4 pts = 5 pts total
A correctly predicted 6-0 wil would of course then give 1+6 = 7

If folks are interested I will put the games up at 12.30.

Count me in - thanks addo!!

Yes. I’m In

me too. :+1:

Me too

How about a bag of scratchings for the winner… I’m in :+1:

Go on then

Yep i will have a go as long as you will be the one working out the points scoring system :smile: :wink:

yes go on

Sounds weird enough.

Fantastic :slight_smile:

There are enough of us , so I might as well put the games out there now.

Shall we try to do this for every FA Cup weekend ?
Let me know if gets a bit too much once it starts to clash with the regular prediction league .

Ok - This weekends games …

Tonbridge Angels v Bradford
Gillingham v Woking
Port Vale v Kings Lynn
Barnet v Burton Albion
Eastbourne Borough v Blackpool


Might be worth separating it into weeks like the usual prediction league otherwise you’re gonna have predictions on top of messages etc, could get messy.

Good Idea Rob -
Gimme a min - I will create a new one for the games

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Done now- If everyone can enter their predictions in the other one please

Hopefully, @jollyjonny won’t find out about this. Doh.

Might have missed it somewhere but is it scores at 90 mins or AET?

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I never gave that a thought - I didnt realise there were no replays this year

Only fair we say score at 90 mins


I’m guessing it excludes penalties too?

Ha ha, don’t worry! I used to do an FA cup prediction league too but stopped it a few years ago but stopped it a few years ago as didn’t prove as popular as the normal league one. Well done addo for resurrecting it! Count me in! :+1:

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Because it was sending you doolally JJ? :grin: :wink:

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