FA Cup Replays

Scrapped entirely from R1, another nail in the coffin.

Another change to suit the handful of big clubs, all of which have huge squads anyway, as well as tons of money.
If this had always been the case we would have had no glorious victory over ManUre, no 4-4 draw with Watford, no 8-4 romp against Torquay. Oh well, as long as City and Liverpool are happy, that’s all that matters.


Shameful downgrading of a great competition.


Sorry WalsallOne, had to fix that for you, hope you didn’t mind?


Disgraceful. For non-league teams in particular this is really poor.


I know where people are coming from but it will I think lead to more shock results (as it’s easier for a smaller team to beat a bigger team on penalties than it is for them to win a replay). So I think this could be good news for Walsall.

Also on the subject of penalties, I heard an idea that each team should take a player off every 5 minutes in extra time to encourage more goals.

Id like to see that, could cause some mad games.

From the BBC website:
“The FA Cup is our biggest asset,” said FA chief executive Mark Bullingham.

Really? - Doesn’t seem like it. Disgraceful treatment of the worlds best football cup competition.


True, we’d probably have lost at Alfreton this season if we hadn’t had the replay.

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I disagree. The premier sides have bigger and better squads to combat the extra time. 10k at home and draw Man U. Draw then a replay with 60k and possible tv money… A vile decision


Yes but in a replay you are playing them over 180 minutes rather than 120 minutes. The chance of shock results has to be greater in the smaller time window.

That’s just one scenario off the top of your head.

Could just as easily say beat Swansea on penalties, rather than lose in a replay and get Man U away next round :bulb:

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I would prefer it if the lower ranked team when the draw is made gets home advantage. Might shake it up a bit.

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Im on about a replay for financial reasons and an away day for the fans not any unlikely upset. Not o ne team reel off loads of teams to play where there would be a big financial benefit. A vile selfish decision. Not to mention the carrot going to a woke specific area.


This only favours larger clubs.


YEs, but Ive given a scenario where we could play Man Untied away for the big pay day, when before this change we wouldn’t have. Further Ive explained why such scenarios are more likely.

So i dont think your argument is valid. You havent thought it through. The thing you seem to be angry about is in fact more likely to happen.

It does in the sense of helping their plans for global domination AKA a European Super League, I dont think it does in terms of winning the FA cup.

Terrible decision. The FA again, trying to suck at the PL teet.

Football is dead without the pyramid. For me, let them go off to create a superleage and lets us get on with it.


I’m actually fine with it to be honest. I always find the replay element a huge anti-climax for a knock out competition, give me extra time and pens any day.

I also think football league clubs play way, way, way too many games as it is. It always makes me laugh when Jurgen Klopp or whoever whinges about fixtures, with their smaller league and not having to play in a ridiculous reserve cup too. Say you win a couple of Caribao cup fixtures and make the third round of the FA Cup, by the time the end of the season comes around you might potentially have played 55-60 games before you even get to Play offs!

People will deny it as well, but there’s never the same buzz around a Wednesday night replay anymore. I even think it would cause more upsets. Only last night proved you can be under it for 120 minutes then win on pens. Much more chance of that than another 90 away.


The big clubs do not enter until round three so why have they stopped replays in rounds 1 and 2? Also, I should have thought the big clubs would welcome more chances to give games to their second and third choice players.

I don’t see any pros or cons for us overall in footballing terms but mainly it is the romance and,on some occasions the money. Best replay? Walsall 3-2 Man U?


Time to boycott to fa cup like the pizza cup


Disgraceful. The FL and Non-league clubs should boycott it. See how much of a competition it is with just 20 clubs.