FA Cup v Carlisle stand allocation

Just been looking to get my ticket for the Carlisle game and it would appear that the Carlisle fans (I’m sure they’ll bring a good few) have been allocated the whole of the Experienced Energy stand and home fans will have the other 3 sides of the ground, excluding the middle and upper tiers of the normal home end. Any thoughts?


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Doubt Carlisle will bring that many. With there being no upper tier, having a few fans in our away end the club are probably trying to find ways to get a better atmosphere.

The club have sold out the stadium suite to a prayer meeting. That’s why there’s no fans in the upper!

Well when I heard the stand I sit in is not available to us (again), we have decided not to go. I am fed up of being moved for games and I can’t imagine Carlisle filling it.

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If this is the case then clearly the club had no confidence in us making 2nd round and getting home draw, disappointing imo.

Maybe that’s a reflection on being run by yanks. Loads of militant squaddies over there. The beer will go next🥃

It will be an interesting prayer meeting. The congregation are about to start ‘Dear God’ when suddenly is heard 'Who the f ing ‘ell are you? ’ etc’ They might not be so keen next time to coincide it with a match.


Would be great if the music they walk off to was Half Man Half Biscuit’s ‘99% of gargoyles’…

Will be an apt demonstration of the decline in religion in the country. 200/300 gather to pray to the lord for deliverance at the same time/place that 5000 gather to pray to the football gods for 3 points😁

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Message from Junior…

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In that case someone give him my number, but he should be warned, I’m high maintenance.


It doesn’t start till 5pm.

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What happens if the kick off is delayed again like against Rochdale?

Or if there is 10 minutes additional time and we lose in the last minute of it :smiley:

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Okay, I didn’t realise that.

Pitch invasion as we reach the third round on our way to Wembley…


I’ll bring my Tesco bag :+1:


Did you? :joy:

Of course……not :joy::joy::joy:

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Well I’ve given in and will be there along with son and daughter (I’ve persuaded her to come along too). Hopefully I won’t have to leave during the first half this time. We’re going in the main stand, prefer it along the side.