FA Youth Cup - Fleetwood Town U18 (A) 13/11/2020 7pm

Live streamed on Fleetwood’S YouTube channel.


Let’s hope we batter the, err, Young Cods.

Codling? :grin:

Yes they should be small fry

1-0 fleetwood

Llera Out!
Have we ever gone out of 3 cup competitions in a week?

I am sure Llera has all his coaching badges so he is pretty safe.

Looking distinctly second best I’m afraid. Little threat going forward and a tendency to give the ball away…seem familiar!

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Oh we must have done, surely. :laughing:

And there you go…we give away a penalty.

We look really poor …maybe it is a one off.I hope so but we are being outclassed.

They look streets ahead in all areas.

Is it being showed as part of Children in Need?


As a team we look like children in need!


They dumped us out at this stage last season 3-0, so we’re on course to improve…

Stuck this on, Fleetwood look a decent side playing some good stuff. Darrell, take notes!

3-0 , the dream is over.


Sign our no.2 up

I’m very much a glass half full guy, but in all honesty, what I have just watched was awful. As W1 said earlier it is hopefully a one off; if not and we are banking on these kids then God help us!