Face(y) off


Prefer him to Norman but always got the feeling Clarke didn’t rate him. Think it was Macclesfield he got the hook after being our best player first half instead of James Clarke who had been woeful. Not surprised to see him go.


I agree that Clarke always showed loyalty to his namesake but I wouldn’t argue with many of the manager’s decisions and I go into next season with cautious optimism as a Walsall supporter.

It was about a 50 percent hit rate for me personally, and I think our finishing league position is a fair reflection on that.

But that’s nothing Clarke hasn’t said himself actually and hopefully, with a significantly lower turnover of players next season and with a better idea of his best team from the start, I agree I’m optimistic about our chances.

And I actually think the full retained/released list is an indication of him settling on certain players and hopefully a sign of some continuity to be fair to him.


I pray he isn’t settling on Norman! Devlin got pelters for his performances and Norman is worse, so here is hoping that Clarke has a RB lined up :crossed_fingers:t2:

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One of those you wondered why he was out of the team for months on end given how average Norman is. Still a few players can fill in at RB so not surprised he’s been released given the current climate.