Fan Engagement plans

Walsall have published their fan engagement manifesto

One page is asking for volunteers

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What could possibly go wrong :joy:

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Summary slide is probably most interesting.

E.g. ‘Nominate club representative for fan engagement’ Some posters were moaning about the SLO the other day, this may ameliorate them. I.e do what they think the SLO should do. Who knows.

Surprised no-ones talking about this. I’ve only just seen it, but it’s been on the clubs website for a few hours now.

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Good that representatives will be totally rotated every three years

Agree with your last comment .I presume lots of our fellow users will be putting their names forward for the focus groups. I am too old and clearly not representative of the majority on here so I look forward to hearing from those who will participate in this new venture which should bring the Club and fans closer.

It reads to me that the club are the ones nominating someone to represent them for fan engagement rather than supporters nominating someone to represent us. And this role will be in addition to the SLO role, but nothing to say it isn’t the SLO (whoever it might be at the time) that they might nominate to do it.

There has already been at least 1 focus group that they held over the last season for which they asked supporters to volunteer (no selection as such). How did it/they go?


Well you’re still young enough to run for president of the USA, so don’t put yourself down @WalsallOne:joy:


So they’re using the North Korea/Russia model then…:thinking:

I am too young :wink:


True and I am in a better mental state than either of the two candidates for that role but I am sensible enough to realise that the future of our Club (As with the USA)lies with those who will be around in 2 decades time! :grinning:


I think you are fibbing… :wink:


It looks like you are right as the news article states the representative for fan engagement is James Gibbins who I believe is head of marketing.

  1. Key Personnel:
  • Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO): Graham Whittaker remains the main contact for supporter concerns and suggestions.
  • Disabled Supporter Liaison Officer: Samantha Page continues as the dedicated contact for disabled supporters.
  • Fan Engagement Lead: James Gibbins is the club’s appointed representative for fan engagement, and will be responsible for the delivery of the club’s fan engagement plan.

‘Gibbo’ as he is affectionately known around the club. One of our lot has met him and described him as a ‘good guy’ and one who wants to engage with the supporters.

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