Fans Focus Meeting (July 9th)

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waste of time , nothing came from the last one.


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You’d have more of an impact if you daubed your grumblings on the leg of a pigeon and hoped it flew them to Jeff Bonsor directly. And even then it’s minimal.

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Complete waste of time and effort bonzo out is the only slogan we need this season because he just will not listen to what fans want. In fact I might set up a company making “T” shirts with it on :joy:

I did say a few months back when Bonser was getting heavily criticised again I’d like to know more from the club how they think promotion to the championship is realistic in the current climate given it’s the standard line trotted out by Bonser/Mole/Gamble.

So far the budget looks no different to what Whitney had given the players signed so far and the youth team production line has dried up recently although maybe Candlin will properly break through this year. He is still very young though.

That’s the two main criteria they push forward. “Biggest wage budget we’ve had” and “50/50 split between first team/youth team”

Not going but I’d be grateful if anyone present could at least pose whether it’s ever been seriously considered for a season to maybe change the ratio and go something like 70:30 on first team spending.

You never know. If talk of signing that Wrexham player for 100k is really true that would get you a pretty decent striker or midfield at this level.

Having a couple of players with Oztumer’s ability rather than just one gets you a pretty good chance of top 6 as we saw in 15/16.

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Yes that “biggest wage budget we’ve had” nonsense doesn’t really wash with me. It SHOULD be the biggest budget you’ve had every single year because wage demands increase so much every single year. If it’s not your “biggest wage budget you’ve ever had” then I’m afraid you are moving backwards in the current climate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s OUR biggest budget, it matters what it is relative to the rest of the league. And most graphs I see that compare wage budgets to other clubs we are normally in the bottom 4. Granted it’s not everything to have a big wage budget but it certainly gives you every chance of progress.


I think we all just need to accept that the club WILL NEVER invest into the first team. Take it or leave it.

Too many fans, sadly, have left it

Power never gives up without a struggle especially where there is money involved. JB only concedes any ground when under pressure. Time to regroup. Support the manager and players but JB has to feel the heat.