Fans Focus Meeting - Pre Warning!


Advanced warning

As you may know, the club are due to hold a fans focus meeting soon.

Clear your diaries, put away your vegan sausage rolls, and make time for this. Be ready.

Nothing will be any different from the non-answers we get every time - but this time we, as a group of supporters, have the chance to show we are not happy through attending and just being there. A show of force.

I don’t think the club get pressed enough in these meetings anyway - that will change.

The club are likely to announce this at very short notice - so be on guard.

Come along, bring your old Cyprus flags, or just yourselves.



It was yesterday - only kidding but you never know with this lot!




Pick me up on the thru chunks


Way thru :joy::+1:t2:


Been confirmed for Monday the 21st of January @7 pm.


Do what you can to be there


I’ll be there. First one for me. Can’t wait.


I can’t make it,I work nights.This is an important chance to get the ball rolling for the Bonser out movement.I’ve got a couple of important questions to ask,if someone would be kind enough to ask for me…Could you ask Mole what it was like being involved in the tv adaption of Wind in the Willows,I believe that was where he first met Bonser…He was portraying Ratty if my memory serves me right.Also, could you find out Dean Keates’s favourite colour…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn it - I’m working!

SidSwifty’s questions got a giggle from me but on a serious note, it is the first chance to make it absolutely clear to whoever is there representing the club that this time things ARE different and we won’t just go away after a few tactical moves by JB.

We must drive for change and keep the drive going so I hope as many as poss can get there and do their best to show up - it won’t be what’s said that has the only impact - the numbers will speak volumes (hopefully…)


Not been to one of these before…does anyone know if kids can attend? I have asked the club but not expecting them to communicate back to me.


Anybody can attend.


What would really put the cat amonst the pigeons if someone had the facility to stream it live via YouTube/Facebook?
If it’s a public meeting then there can’t be any objections to it!


I cant make it (live in Norway) so I would love this to happen.


What a shocker, Monday night at 7pm, nice and inconvenient for the average supporter.

Again I ask, why can’t they host these before or after matches when people are actually at the stadium? We all know the answer, but I’d be intrigued to know what they say. Probably roll out some nonesense about stewarding!