Anyone know where i could get some old Walsall fc ones? remember blazing saddlers and moving swiftly on back in the 90s? had no luck online thanks in advance.


I have a load and contributed to a few, including this Kyle Lightbourne poetic triumph:

Killer, driller, thriller, net-filler.
Sometimes Spooner,
Always cooler, than the keeper,
Who becomes a weeper,
When he faces Killer.


You use your tongue purtyer than a $20 ■■■■■.


Kevin Wilson,
What a star,
He knocks them in like Cantona,
He’s small in stature,
Defences say:
we will not worry about him today.
He makes them pay.


I had a couple of electronic copies where I’d contributed (bad quizzes, usually) but long gone. These were Merson era.


anyone know where i could purchase some from?


There was a few floating around on Ebay and Amazon @Killer78, but it seems they were sold.

If we could find some original copies I’d be happy to put them into digital form so they could be shared and enjoyed.


I might have a single copy of Blazing Saddlers somewhere. I think it has a very bad drawing of Evran Wright in it.


be grateful for anything guys.cheers:grin:


Don’t forget “90 Minutes From Europe”!


There was also “Chasing the Dream” and “Small Town in Poland”.


Simon, I’ve got the following issues of fanzines if you want to contact me to copy and upload them.

Saddle Sore issues 3-6
Blazing Saddlers issues 1-30
Moving Swiftly On issues 1-16
One Step Beyond issues 1-9
Chasing The Dream issues 2-11
90 Minutes From Europe issues 1-10
Small Town In Poland issues 1, 2 & 4


awesome please do lol :grinning:


I’ve just found a small pile of fanzines if you want them.


please mate thanks a lot:grinning:


No problems fella. Let me know the best way to get them to you.


thanks again i am at the fleetwood game but if i am right guessing who you are you know my old man if you could pass them on to him before then if it suits lol.