Female Saddlers

Might just be my perception, but I thought there were a high proportion of female saddlers in the crowd today.

I hope that they had a nice day and felt at ease and will swell the Walsall audience going forward. Your support was appreciated.


We have to learn to get used to it, and after all it adds a little joy to the day out, and, thinking of tomorrow, females are gonna be an important part of football life.

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If I don’t attend matches my mrs goes with my son and always enjoys it and feels at ease with the Walsall family.She’s even happy to go alone so that’s good , unless she just trying to get away from me :rofl:


All for seeing plenty of birds at football.


I enjoyed it today (apart from the result). The only gripe I have, and this is not because I’m female, is having to stand up virtually the whole match due to people standing up all the time. Usually it’s not a problem if you don’t have to stick to your seat number as you can go to quieter areas. I wish the stewards would consider that people who are older or have disabilities might not be able or want to stand the whole time.


Myself i dont mind standing at away games but my lad struggles to watch the game so try and move if possible but i agree its annoying and very selfish.

I managed to stand up for the whole game but come the Winter it will be a factor in my decision whether to go to a game or not. On topic I remarked to my wife and daughter that there were lots of female fans there…many more than a few years back. Good to see.
One other point I stopped to clap the team off. They deserved it but those who stood up throughout the game singing away disappeared like ice in the desert!


Very annoying when we dont clap the lads off. Stockport was a joke the ammount of fans leaving in the 88th minute.

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Maybe if we didn’t let a goal in every league game after the 90th min then people wouldn’t be so unhappy a few minutes later at full time and might clap them off more often?


When they leave within the 80s of the game then they are missing around 20mins of the game. Never used to be a problem and we have been crap for years.

Who cares, it’s a free country :man_shrugging:

I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 10 years and there’s always been loads of people leaving in the last 5-10 mins of normal time.

Any fit ones?

I’ve been going for years and lots of very informed lady Saddlers about - long may it continue .:blush: