First coronavirus,then

First they suffer from coronavirus,then they have to watch walsall play.
They just can’t get a break… :grin:

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Suffer, would be the word I would describe watching the Saddlers over the last couple of years.
Covid-19 arrived at a bad time, right at the peak of the season when we were starting to look like a decent side, we get hammered with this pandemic.
We shouldn’t be having withdraw symptoms in April, I want to see a game of football so badly I can barely stand it. A park game, a hurriedly assembled pub 11, a Chelsea pensioners match…anything will do.

There are many dreadful things about this virus, one of them being these poor people are dying alone. No one deserves that.
The isolation being away from the people we love - I really, really miss not being able to hold my grandchildren.
Hopefully, one day soon, we can all reunite with our loved ones and watch some football!