First match attended

I think this has been done before, but possibly on the old site.
What was everyone’s first match seeing Walsall, home or away?

Mine was actually 47 years ago today, 11th October 1974 at home to Aldershot on a Friday night.
We won 3-0 with two goals by Alan Buckley and one from Bernie Wright.


This was my first game it was at fellows park obviously against Man City 1989 game ended up a 3-3 draw just remember sitting on the bars with my dad behind me and the smell of cigar smoke never looked back!


Saturday 3rd May 1980 at home to Newport County. We lost 4-2.
It was 79/80 season.

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I was there. Didn’t Nigel Gleghorn go in goal for them and save a penalty?

Boxing Day 1969 v Mansfield. Won 1-0 - Ray Train.

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January 1975, Tuesday evening game against Grimsby that we won 2-0 - quickly followed by another home victory (3-0 against Bury) on the Saturday. This was immediately after the replay win over Man Utd and my dad took me down to get the vouchers required to be able to buy tickets for the 4th round game against Newcastle.

Loved it from the 1st minute - and, like @Scooby2167, I also remember the evocative smell of cigars/pipes under the roof of the Street End.


Walsall 2 Tranmere 0 9 December 1978

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I think it was against Oxford in 1968? with my dad and uncles in the old laundry end, because i remember there being a lot of wet red sand left over from some building work, and an Oxford fan making a sandball throwing it and knocking a coppers helmet off :joy: and we lost :neutral_face:

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There were over 10,000 for that Bury game, at the time it would have been the biggest crowd I had been in at FP for a League game. Buckley scored a fantastic goal, and iirc we scored our three goals in nine minutes - however, it was a long time ago.

I think that might have been Don Penn’s first goal. One of the few highlights of an awful season.

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Beat Brighton 5 nil in auto windshield. 1998 I think.


I remember that night well. My dad was away and couldn’t take me, so my grandad, who lived in Darlo, took me instead. Buckley scored one of the goals, another trademark overhead kick although memory tells me this one was from 18 yards out.

Watford…ducked…pre Bonser.

That’d be the last game of that season. Mark Rees came on as a sub and managed to get two bookings in no time at all. The second was preposterous though…someone played a crossfield ball to him out on the wing, but it was going up over his head. So he jumped up, caught it, stopped it going out of play into the crowd and he placed the ball down. The ref decided that was worthy of a second yellow for deliberate handball!

I can’t honestly remember the date of my first game, but it was a nil nil draw against a Blackburn team with Fazakerley at centre half. Edit…just seen 18 November 1971

Think you might have got your dates mixed up as 3rd May was a Thursday.

Saturday 5th May 1979 (the day I was born) we played Chesterfield at home and lost 0-1.

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I mentioned before. My Dad took me to Fellows Park I think was around 1972/73.

Can’t remember who we played but I remember Dad catching an autographed football kicked into the crowd just before kick off.

We went a few times after but stopped when he left home. Didn’t start going again until the late 70’s.

@Cats meant 1980, that was when we played Newport.


31st January 1998 vs Preston North End, a 1-1 draw according to internet searches. I remember it being a schools ticket offer and we got the tickets cheap. I was also identifying as a Man Utd fan at that point in time.

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23.4.1966 Oldham (h) 2-2 (Middleton 2)

Biggest regret missing Allan Clarke by 4 or 5 weeks however Harry Middleton scored something like 14 goals in 16 games since his arrival as Clarke’s replacement.


Could well be right mate was Andy Dibble in goal then got injured it’s been a long time I could be way off there and possible Gary Megson too in their line up?