First Peak At Next Season Commemorative 3rd Kit

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Stupid question… but do we get it for free? Im assuming we dont!

I very much doubt it, clever really because they know they will sell 1500 atleast everyone who has there name on it will want one.

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Meh. It’s ok, I suppose.

But a missed opportunity in my eyes. Would have been nice to have an innovative design, perhaps from a Walsall fan to make the kit really special.

My idea was to have each name in the shape of a mini swift, combining to make a huge swift, but my idea was overlooked this time.

Given previous threads about red shirts vs white shirts my comment may irk some people but I’d happily take this as our home kit rather than third kit.


I like it more than this seasons white shirt
Is it Hungry away kit :crazy_face:

I found my name on it!! :grinning:

I’ve found my name.

Very nice. Should have made it the home strip


I think it’s a great idea and it looks really smart. Shows some marketing nous from the club also.

Personal thanks from me to those who left their money in. I salute you all. Genuinely.

I’ve only moved back to the midlands last Feb so I’m definitely buying a season ticket next season. Crazy I know! I just can’t wait to see familiar faces every fortnight. Walsall ay we.


Prices for those who did not claim a refund:
Season Ticket Donor
Discount Price (£)
Junior 18.85

Ladies 26.65

Adult 26.65

(Larger Sizes) 30.55

Prices for everyone else:
Retail Price (£)
Junior 29.00

Ladies 41.00

Adult 41.00

(Larger Sizes) 47.00


That is a Beaut

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I love it and will get one.

Very tempted I must admit.

Cant we have it as a home kit?

Think my uncles name has been cut off just as it gets to the sleeve :laughing:

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Won’t it be repeated somewhere else?

Hope so haha !

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Unless I am very much mistaken that is the corner of the Vanarama National badge :rofl:

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Smart kit really like it.