Fitzwater signs

He’s back on loan for the year. 1 down. 2 to do.

3 years?

Alleluia! The best outcome considering the time available to bed someone in. Well done Deano, I never doubted you!:wink:

I think he meant what he said about experience and couldn’t realistically get it but this is the next best thing.

Already knows the players he will be playing with and was the most solid part of that defence towards the end of last season. Slightly more positive feel now.

To be honest it’s an astute signing given he knows the club, he knows Guthrie and we know he’s a good player. Should slot in nicely. I’d rather a permanent experienced CB but this is the next best thing.

You never know. Could easily be a senior CB who dosen’t start for his club first few weeks and then comes on loan at end of August. There’s always ones like that out of favour like Wilson and Laird.

So by end of August could be senior CB- Fitzwater with Guthrie as back up which will look much better.

In the circumstances this is the most realistic CB signing the club could make. Fitzwater knows everyone so he can hit the ground running tomorrow.

The fact that its a full season loan pleases me - its not a short term fix. Decent signing.

Pleased with this.

Happy. Knows the club, shouldn’t take a lot of settling in - let’s see what the other signings are like.

Yep, full season excellent. With all that Deeney money we can get him in permanently at the end of the season :rofl:

Deano and the club needed to do something to appease fans, so they are going in the right direction