Fixture list League Two


Will be released by the Football League at 9am on Thursday 20th June.

Which opposition would you like for our first game? :thinking:



Exeter away!



Salford City Away 0-7 to the Super Saddlers

Darrell Clarke’s Barmy Army ( ad nauseam )



Wouldn’t mind a trip to crewe a good away following and 3points to get us off the mark. ( Clarkis barmy army).



Yes would be a decent call Crewe away , hope we can get back to the old days where we had real good away followings everywhere we went .



Just back in Spain today. Owner of one of our local bars just offered me a ticket in his box at Oldham next season.

I can’t imagine Oldham away without freezing my ■■■■■■■■ off :joy:

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We never get owt away at Crwho do we?



I want Vale or Crewe away but for some reason I keep having a feeling that we’re getting Salford🤔 Hope we don’t though, imagine the TV love in for their first game😷



Salford away first, moved to Friday night for a Sky love-in. GNev crying on the telly after we smash them 5-0. ■■■■ up in Manchester to follow. That’ll do.



Port Vale away start with a good derby game.



Someone cack far away that I probably wouldn’t be going to anyway… purely selfish reasons, first weekend of August I’m involved in an event so I can’t make our opening fixture.

More purely selfish reasons - I definitely don’t want it to be Salford away either, because I live less than 2 miles from their ground and the idea of walking to and from an away game via the pub has been one of the only silver linings to relegation for me and I’d be in Walsall that weekend :joy:



Forest green away.



Doesn’t matter. It’ll be Carlisle or Plymouth away.



Plymouth ay too bad in August



Newport away :laughing:



I’ll go for that, reckon I can stretch that night out in Swansea to a weekend in Tenby :joy:

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I tell you what. I’ve got monumentally loads of time for both Tranmere and Newport as football clubs. I have no time what so ever for Salford or Fylde. But I’ve manged to sit through the utter crap fest that has been both play-off finals in the name of having a few beers in a bar watching football, now that my season is over and my utterly crap football team has been relegated. I tell you something else, If given the choice by some quirk of matrix re-run of my sad life, I would rather re-live Accrington away (including travel hassle and expense) than have the simple task of going to my local and watch either of these play-off finals. Utter utter shyte. For folks thinking a season of stabalisation in league two would be ok, I keep kind of agreeing until I watch the football. Its garbage, no two ways about it. Very competitive garbage, lots of people getting kicked and smacked about, but it is garbage none the less. Congrats to Tranmere by the way.



Oh and a little message to the numb-nuts running Walsall FC, just as a reminder to what they owe us as supporters having retained their jobs/incomes apparently. Three of our contemporaries Lincoln, Tranmere, and Luton dropped out of the league, and yet all three will be starting next season in leagues above us. Time to start earning your money messers Gamble and Mole, and time to start approximating justifying your pension payments mister Bonser, not that that it could even be properly justified you thieving parasite.



Just seen the England Womens team play at the Banks’s … oh that’s what a near capacity crowd looks like is it …Nnnnnnnice hope we can start seeing the same level of support when our team start again

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How much money did the club get for staging it or is it undisclosed?

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