Fixtures out

Home to Plymouth on opening day.
Away to Sloppies for the last game

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All the good aways for me bar Luton are after xmas. Ah well, should be interesting season. Always like to start with a home game.

all of 'em


Will miss first ever trip to Scunthorpe in more than 30 years as at a family wedding in the south west.

Wycombe away is Easter Monday I think looking at the dates.

Midweek league games are Wimbledon away (21st August), Sloppies home (October 2nd), Southend away (23rd October), Pompey away (November 27th), Pompey home (12th March).

Sloppies home mid week is interesting.

According to the Beeb, the Tranmere game is on the Monday. Anyone know if this is right? (I am planning my August visit.)

They’ve probably done that with cup ties starting from the week of Monday 13th August. It should be on the Tuesday.

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Few winnable games to start with.

my god those first 5 games are terrible!

I couldn’t care less who we play and when. Cest la vie.

All the best seaside towns in the winter :frowning:

Sunderland Home November 24th and Away at Sunderland 16th March. Would have been better to play them early in the season when they’re struggling to adjust!

Got an offer to go to the stadium of (sh)(l) ite from the Mackem at work - with the Mackem fans!!! He reckons it will be like a cup final for us. Such arrogance!!!

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I’ve met Manchester Saddler - not arrogant at all.

And he didn’t mention Brexit once.

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I don’t think the new site benefits from importing such disagreeable statements onto other, unconnected threads.

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I don’t know what was said and I don’t want to know really. For future reference I will ignore all posts aimed at me that aren’t civil.

Let’s be friends.


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