Fizzy's back!


They will be at our level/budget. Amazes me people are still surprised when we loan players to pad our squad. That or nothing I’m afraid.


It’s like Merson all over again. And that worked out well didn’t it? I thought we needed a solid, experienced centre half. Anyone who has seen the team play can see that! And yet we go for centre halves with barely any experience. Surely, quality is better than quantity and having six loanees is just stupid. I’d rather have Morris than an ineligible youngster…


I agree, I would have preferred a more experienced C/H but I suppose he does know the club and was very good last season. Based on his performances this season, and the probability that he’s only come back because he couldn’t find a “better” club, I’d have said “no thanks”.


To be fair I disagree on Morris. I know he isn’t good enough, I don’t know if this lad from Villa is or isn’t. That’s the difference.

And yes I would have liked an experience centre half but that’s not on Keates for me. On our budget this is the only way to build depth into this squad. Our managers basically have to choose between depth and quality. They shouldn’t have too.


5 loanees or 6: which makes more sense with our minuscule budget? I agree that Morris needed a new challenge but I’d rather have a non contract player than a loanee that can’t play due to league rules!


Meh two of them are centre halves. They wouldn’t be in the same match day squad anyway if you consider Scarr or Guthrie will probably start if not both. It’s not ideal but it is the only way we can build that depth unfortunately.

I totally accept that it’s not ideal but there’s only one man to blame for that. If only we had about 450K a year extra to spend on a couple of permanents so that we didn’t have to rely on loans to do that. Roughly three extra players at this level…


Where are we going to get that kind of money? Oh…