Fizzy's back!

Jack Fitzwater rejoins the saddlers on loan until the end of the season!

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How peculiar

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Are people really happy about this? We’ve been totally messed around by his parents club, and possibly the player. The suggestion was he would go out on loan to a bigger and better club… presumably they couldn’t find anyone? And he was, after all, part of the defensive unit shipping 2+ goals per game.

That said, he was excellent when Whitney brought him in last season and if he can recapture that form, he’s a decent player.

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Bit of depth if anything. I’d still rather us sign someone else.

It’ll be a miracle if we do. I can’t remember the last time we had a squad packed full of so many first team players. I don’t think we did under Smith and we certainly didn’t under Whitney. Is this a sign that our chairman is reacting to unrest because, right now, our wage bill must be as high as it has been for a long time. We now pretty much have decent, first team cover for every position.

Huh, strange one.

I haven’t rated his performances since his return but I said we need a centre half, the budget is tight, it is what it is.

Wouldn’t have signed him back tbh

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This also means we have 6 loanees when only 5 can be picked in a match squad.


Don’t think he’s been particularly impressive this season but acts as back up at least.

Can’t say I appreciate West Brom messing us about though.


Oh my goodness, didn’t realise that. I very much hope we’re not paying much or anything for the ones who won’t feature then.

It’s just depth isn’t it to be fair. I doubt we will see Johnson and Fitz in the same match day squad with Scarr and Guthrie but it’s still a funny quirk that we now have more loanees than we are allowed.

Do wonder if at some point we might have had the chance to sign Fitzwater permanently.

Absaloute farce

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I know. No anagram potential at all.

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Not really happy tbh. We have been taken for ■■■■■■ by Albion.

That said - he’s better than Guthrie.

6 loanees.

Yet another “transition” summer then.