Flags At Grounds

Our ground must be one of a very few that hasn’t got a club flag flying. I remember for the first few seasons that we had a flag with our crest on and a Union Jack but after a few seasons they disappeared and were never seen again and since then we’ve only had the bare flagpoles. And they should be on the main stand surely? Ours are on the family stand facing the houses. I know it’s nothing major but it’s just a little bug bear of mine

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Not enough pride in the club or town. Our directors think slapping a Wrexham badge on a Walsall scarf is a good idea. Forget it.


Funny you should say that. I had the same thoughts on Saturday. On the rare moments I could take my eyes off the scintillating action on the pitch I found myself glancing at the two empty flag poles.
Should have a Walsall Flag and one of either Union Jack,/St Georges/EFL or maybe a half and half flag if Wrexham are in town.

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We have a huge advertising board over the m6 why do we need a flag?

Think the issue was the mechanism in the top of the poles is broken.

That’s for adverts and half the time it’s advertising Villa

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I know someone who’s very good. On a pole might be able to fix that for them

Fans have tried to put flags over from the upper only to be told to remove them due the flags covering a fraction of the Poundland signage which runs across the whole width of the stand.

I’ve seen rainbow flags being displayed in the same position at Villa Ladies games. Goal highlights on Sky. Thats okay though! :rage:

One should have club flag and the other the town flag.

Swifts, bears and lions. Lovely.

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Is that still the case now? Used to be the case but sure we could sort something now under this ownership

Would love loads of flags draped from the upper, a proper home end. Those wear red days they used to do were decent

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The absence of flags is highly symbolic. Our standard has dropped since we descended into the Fourth Division, finding us (f)lagging behind the opposition, leaving us poles apart from those successful ones.

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Seen it happen a few times this season and last season.

They wanna fix up if so. Should welcome flags not moan about them

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