Flash Sale - Online Only till 1st October

Must be trying to clear stock…

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Perhaps emptying the shop before the move to the new ground.


Closing Down sale?


Is that the 1st team squad up for sale ? Can’t see without my glasses

Last 2 drawstring bags dip your bread boys.

The kiosks have run out of bread.

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Love a big discount (not) don’t they the yanks. £12 off the mini season ticket. Now 15% sale. I dont think we’re ever going to get a half price sale

Good job they don’t make toast!

More discounts…

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I swear I suggested this in another post… I should apply for the marketing position and throw in my 20% happy hour options pre and post match!

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Would need 100% off, plus a ‘contribution’ to off load our current squad!

I’ve logged in but can’t see any Flash for sale at all. Where’s Molly Weir when you need her?