Fleetwood on live tv!

Just saw our game with fleetwood on the 17th nov has been moved to 12.00 noon for live tv !! When is the last time we were on live it seems that long ago I have forgot lol!!

Blinking Nora!
Which channel is this delight on?

Sky Sports

Wow, are Leeds busy or something?

International weekend.

Was going to say chance this match could be off but now Bonser has caught scent of the Sky money…

As Uncle Jeff says ‘there’ll always be more boys.’

I thought Barnsley play offs but actually S4C showed the Newport game in the cup so guess that counts.

End of the 15/16 season. I watched us four times in May 2016. And yes, there was the FA Cup game v Newport on S4C last November, which I also watched, in Welsh, in Hong Kong.

One of which was against Fleetwood I believe. 3-1 win.

I watched it on S4C, too and listened to the radio…