Fleetwood Town (A) 17th Nov, 12.00 noon


I’d play that that team too. I’d possibly play Ferrier instead of Ronan but away from home I like having the extra man in midfield. Bring Ferrier on when needed.


The thing I worry about dropping Ronan, is that if Zeli isn’t on his game we become extremely predictable creatively.

That’s what I was thinking. The Barnsley game being the prime example.


The last thing a tired Fleetwood defender wants is Ferrier running at him.
Especially with the telly there.


I can imagine Ferrier being an extremely effective substitute


If we play with one man upfront, harsh to drop Cook at the moment.


Oh I don’t think there is any danger of that. He looks in the best form since he joined.


Would start Morris.

Big fan of Ferrier but he has been off the boil recently so a game or two on the bench might be a decent decision, get hunger back in his game he had in August.


Agreed. Cook was excellent last week - he gave an all-round Centre-forward performance.


Become a bit of a mainstay this fixture. This will be my fifth visit to a club I barely knew existed ten years ago.

My record there is won two, drawn one and lost two.

So I’ll go for a draw to bring symmetry to that record.

I may try to bring back 80’s style two hands above the head waving whilst mouthing “hello mom” at the cameras. I believe I’m on after the cricket. The latest chapter in a telly career that began with the back of my head being on star soccer whilst stood behind the wall on the halfway line in front of Hugh John’s scaffolding at some point in the late 70’s.


I hope the fame hasn’t gone to your head.


A win would be nice (obviously) especially after last season’s last match of the season. I agree Cook shouldn’t be dropped after recent performances. Hoping for a 2-0 win - I’ll be watching on the box in the warmth of my front room.


Judging by Osbourne’s social media it doesn’t look like he’s travelled, which would point to Kinsella starting. I think we look much better with Kinsella in the middle, even if it does leave us a little lightweight.


Regret I’m with Chunkster on this one, think their defeat at Gillingham was a blip, just like our out of context win against Coventry. The betting odds have us down as the victims of an almost certain home banker.
Hope the ‘Coventry spirit’ turns up on the pitch.


Will be 4-4-2 and get totally over-run as their midfielders are better than our predict sadly a 3-1 loss


Osbourne hasn’t travelled

  • 1Roberts
  • 6Devlin
  • 34Martin
  • 5Guthrie
  • 3Leahy
  • 10Ismail
  • 15Kinsella
  • 4Dobson
  • 11Ginnelly
  • 29Gordon
  • 9Cook


  • 8Morris
  • 13Dunn
  • 16Ferrier
  • 20Johnson
  • 27Fitzwater
  • 28Wilson
  • 31Ronan


Started well.look sharp going forward, vulnerable at the back. Ginelly doing well.


Does anyone else feel like going to sleep listening to Lee Hendrie ?


yes. Easily the better team so far, real chance for Zeli just


Martin should have scored. They’ve got the breeze this half- need the lead. Loads of corners, no real threat from them.