Fleetwood Town (A) 17th Nov, 12.00 noon


Just because the players aren’t the same standard it doesn’t mean your full backs shouldn’t overlap. It’s a vital part of the system actually.


Maybe this is a tongue in cheek reply :thinking:


Not when most fans believe that neither Leahy or Devlin can do their defensive duties, let alone flying up the wing as well .


“Most”…I don’t think so…just one or two on here.


That’s literally the best part of both of their games. They were signed as wing backs. What on earth has their defensive ability got to do with how they are on the overlap when we are attacking?

Besides I can (sort of) understand the criticism Leahy gets defensively but Devlin? He’s been solid defensively whenever he’s been played. Made some genuine goal saving blocks and has been the least culpable of any of our defenders for the goals we have conceded this year. He also kept the Fleetwood winger in his pocket all game as was pointed out on coms and made another good goal saving block.


To be honest, you can’t fault either for commitment, and anyone that is giving 100% while wearing a Walsall shirt gets my backing all day long.


Great comment chunkster to many so called fans on here can’t or don’t see the effort that they have been putting in this season there walsall players give them your support because that’s what we go to football matches for might make a difference


I’m afraid I was an armchair follower this time as well.
A good 0-0 was probably more exciting for us than neutrals or Sky.

Anyway, I thought we played well and could be a little disappointed not to win it.
Again, I didn’t see any bad performances out there.
I wonder how many of those young and inexperienced players have ever played on live TV?
I thought they gave a good professional account of themselves against a far more experienced team.


Would imagine most as Boreham-Tranmere play off final was screened live on BT last season.


To be fair, I had overlooked that !