Fleetwood Town (A) 17th Nov, 12.00 noon


Played them off the park in the first half and could have been a couple of goals up at half time, it was not to be .
Second half they come out all guns blazing and we defended in depth and very well. Either side could have nicked it before the end but a point away from home is exactly that…well done lads…UTS


Good to see two or three large flag’s in the Fleetwood end and the drum’s beating to try and get an atmosphere going … why can’t we be doing something similar :disappointed:


For Christ sake Redandwhite…the last thing…the very last thing we need,is some moron blowing a trumpet or banging a drum all through the match…:woozy_face::laughing:


No drum please no drum!!!


decent a game as you could get for a scoreless draw.Dobson and Kinsella stood out for me with honourable mentions for Martin Cook and Ginnelly is Ismail the new Milan because thats who he reminds me of.


Okay okay maybe not the drum :rofl:just need something to try and generate an atmosphere to change the library feeling. .


Perhaps they may start selling a " drum roll " from the kiosks!! Wouldn’t last long before they ran out!


How about a few hundred vuvuzela’s :weary:


was anybody else slightly frustrated either winger wasn’t taken off for Morris late on?


I was more frustrated with the fact that we have 2 out and out wingers,and yet the fullbacks keep overlapping them and crossing the ball…surely when you are playing with 2 wingers and 2 strikers they should play as a unit, and the fullbacks can concentrate on defending.


I don’t think it would of been a problem if Leahy was on his game and putting it on the money. Also an overlapping ful back can be great for a winger playing on the side that’s opposite to his strongest foot as he can use the overlap as a dummy and cut in on their stronger foot and whip a beauty into the box… just like Ginelly did for arguably our best chance of the game.

It is really criminal that we just don’t seem to put quality balls into the box when we’ve got a bull in the box.


Think it’s lack of confidence atm…start of the season with the good run the balls were going in first time…now there’s doubt with players thinking am I good enough so they check back and pass the responsibility onto someone else.

Another problem yesterday was Cook moving out of the box to hold it up and so the player in crossing position would wait for him to go back into the box before crossing as obviously Gordon isn’t that great in the air.




The only thing I can think of is telling the Mrs she could do with shedding a few pounds…that normally causes an atmosphere that lasts for days…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


No drums no trumpets and no giant flag waving when we score. In fact nothing that’s likely to create an atmosphere or attract casual support. Nothing. Lets continue just as we are.


I know what you mean.

I’m an old fart so see all that stuff as contrived nonsense. Musical instruments and big ultra flags off the pitch are artificial additions to give the impression of an atmosphere rather than be an actual part of one. Same with those clappy things they have at Leicester and those bloody awful vuvuzelas in at the South African World Cup.

To me, this all links to the various matchday experience threads we have had on here. Do more to attract younger fans, create non-reserved seating areas, let that be within 100 metres of the away fans and work with the police rather than be dictated to by them.


Needs to be more sense of occasion at the games aswell. Everyone knows how good the atmosphere was at the Preston game a few years back and also Chelsea cup tie. Barnsley should’ve been another but the tie was lost in the first leg and deep down everyone knew it (early Barnsley goal didn’t help either).

Walsall either being in a division with more local teams (let’s say Villa, WBA and Blues…), having a really good cup run or constantly fighting for a play off position most seasons would greatly improve matchday atmosphere as there’s only so many times you can get excited by playing Rochdale at home in a mid table clash with them bringing 200 fans.

All that requires ambition and drive at the top however so it’s another argument that goes in circles like having fans behind both goals and terracing behind the goal again.


Not really. Gino was our best threat all game for me and Zeli is more likely to do something special


Gary Neville and David Beckham did alright with Neville constantly on the overlap.


Yes…I’ve often compared Devlin and Ismail with Neville and Beckham…:grin: