Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


Well here we go again. It feels like groundhog day aka Bradford 2 weeks ago. Yet again we need a result badly to keep our heads above water. As I said 2 weeks ago we have to put the negativity and division to one side and back the lads 100 % for the 90 minutes, just like we did against Bradford and against Burton. The fans were magnificent in both games. Feels again like this is a must win game. The lads have to fight and fight again for our League one future. It won’t be easy against a decent team without our top goal scorer but lets be positive. Good luck lads


I probably would just because of how damaging a loss would be if that happened. We must not really lose with the games coming up, need to head into them confidently.


As someone else above has stated we need to WIN this one, but, as we inevitably let a goal in within 10 minutes it’s going to be tough.
However I think that with encouragement from our home support and MOC’s ‘new approach’ (ie I’ll kick your knackers over the stand if ya don’t get stuck in!) we CAN do it, 2-1 for three points, hanging on for dear life for the last 15 minutes ala Bradford.
Come on me babbies we can do this, just wish I could be there.


Fleetwood are in decent form and still have a sniff at the playoffs so this will be tough.

Building on the last two performances though, I’m going for a 2-1 win with Jarvis and Gordon scoring the goals.


Zigor Aranalde. We’ve had some good left backs (Padula, Fox, Henry, Leahy) in the last 25 years but I think he’s my favourite.

I don’t think it can be overstated how important this game is simply because of what lies ahead. A win here and then we only need to take a point off the three promotion favourites to result in a very respectable 4 points from 4 in a very tough run of fixtures. Lose and it could be a very lean March that pretty much seals our fate.


Yes, 4 from 6 isn’t going to send us down.
It’s 13 from 63 that could utlimately cost us.

Strange things happen towards the end of the season.
Let’s hope that a few are in March!


Must win.

We lose I’m going to take as many drugs as possible. Long live Amsterdam.


Got this feeling that we are going to be treated to a special performance from the lads tomorrow ( hope to god I’m right) UTS


What’s you excuse for not coming this sat chunkster,you can’t say your washing you hair can you ?.:joy::joy:


7-0 Walsall.

Gamble to be stationed in the toilets offering warm hand towels to all, after Mole has provided his ‘shake it dry’ service. Bonser visits the toilets 18 times during the game, and has to drop his trousers off at the dry cleaners later.




Did you know about the work we are having done? :zipper_mouth_face:


Yes it’s all I ever hear about ,trouble is it’s been going on for years now ,or every time someone asks if your going to a game this weekend :joy::joy:


And it will only cease when bonzo has ■■■■■■ off


We will be dancing in the streets when he’s gone ,that if there is any fans left


Is it true that this house renovation is going to be featuring in the next series of Grand Designs? It sounds the sort of thing Kevin McCloud would love, especially if it’s not going to be finished for years and years!


Next in the line of must win games! We desperately need 3 points due to the upcoming fixtures during which we will almost certainly drop into the bottom 4. However needing 3 points and achieving 3 points are a completely different ball game, hoping for a win but think it will end up being a 1-1 draw.


Is the weather down there as wild, wet, and windy as it is up here in the frozen Northern Tundra?
If so it won’t make for a decent game to watch.
I had a dream last night, no, not that kind, at our age dreams are about football at best! Fleetwood got their ‘goal in the first ten minutes’ and hung on for all 3 points. Obviously this was from the misery dept of dreamscape, so hope it does not to come true aka Wimbledon.



Jarvis not in squad