Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


A bit disappointed in the first half to many backwards passes . Then a hoof up field ( at least we haven’t conceded) UTS


Still plenty of time … the 6 point holy grail is still on!


Oh no!

As a mod, can’t you just edit. It’ll be worth it :smile:


I recall him looking a constant threat at Bescot for Bury, at the business end of last season, too. A more cynical head than I might speculate on why that might be.


It’s of critical importance! :eyes:


Hard to say, cause another day it could be penalty for them. I’ve seen them given, and of course not too in similar situations. Few other fouls (two or three) were fifty/fifty.


Nah … :wink:


No substitutions to start the 2nd half…

If we manage one shot on target in the next 45 minutes that will be one more than the 1st half!!


Get the feeling a Scunthorpe equaliser is going to be the highlight for today.

Looking at the stats and they do seem to be very much on top v Bristol Rovers who have scored v run of play.

Scunthorpe only got 1 more point than Walsall so getting something out of this very much in their interests…


Rochdale 2-0 Sloppies…have Dale appointed anyone or is it just a caretaker in charge?


Shows how tight it all is…Walsall goal and go up to 15th in live table. Still a long way to go regardless of what happens today.


Blackpool 1 Southend United 2 (according to the ever-reliable source)

Oyston in ???


10k there today apparently.


1-0!!! Goal was actually live on WM lol.

Ferrier apparently from a corner.


SUPER SADDLERS!!! 1-0 :grinning:


MY phone says we’ve just scored is that right?


Morgan ■■■■■■■ Ferrier get in


Get in!!! Boy do we need to hang on now!!!
Come on me babbies!!!


Get in me babbbays :smile:


Up to joint 14th on the live table…