Flynn's squad

From a bunch of no names, Michael Flynn has formed a pretty good squad.
A lot of us had never heard of some of the player who signed for us this season.
Peter Clark, Joe Riley and young Maher were familiar(to me at least) but others like Owen Evans, Comley, Bennett, Taylor Allen, Isaac Hutchinson and the rest of the squad weren’t exactly household names.
MF is doing here almost exactly what he did at Newport, having total autonomy over players, building his team from the back with a driving, attacking midfield and wing backs who feed a decent forward line.
There were no huge names at Newport, he had players who knew their jobs and how to communicate effectively.
Did you notice on Saturday that we didn’t try anything exotic? Just played pure, simple football where every single player knew their roles and executed it almost perfectly - perfect would have been 6-0!
We’ve found some of gems in Hutch, Allen and Johnson, we’ve yet to see Joe Riley, McEntee and Gordon play.
It wouldn’t surprise to to see Labadie on the move, I just can’t see where he fits in to the team.
Huge names alone won’t get us to the promised land, nor will misfits, but a good, organized, well drilled squad who can put round pegs in round holes will get you far.
I believe that’s what Flynn is doing here.


Spot on
Long , long way to go yet though
Let’s see after 5 and 10 games which gives us a better idea of where we are


I know, just wishful thinking that we can play like we did on Saturday until the end of the season.
The big thing with the Hartlepool game, it gave us hope and encouragement. Flynn has instilled a different way of doing things such as, discipline, togetherness, communication, drive and a will to win, something we’ve not had since Deano left.
Yes, it’s one game, but this squad is different from others we’ve seen recently, a different ethos.
Has LP, BB and the board finally got it right? We all hope they have, and, not before time either!!

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I’ll stick my neck out here, does JF deserve thank you for his involvement in MF coming here?

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Or was that done behind JF back?

Probably no one will tell what was the background in this decision. It could be Trivela doing, JF doing, LP and rest of the board doing or something completely different. Personally, the first option wins for me, but it probably remains a mystery.

No, Flynn was very clear about that in early interviews after he arrived.

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Doesn’t mean he had anything to do with it.

??? Explain please?

Yep, but let’s not let that get in the way of the pantomime villain narrative :wink:

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I’m just a little confused. Flynn was very clear when he came that Fullarton had been the one who made contact with him and persuaded him to come to Walsall, and that Flynn had been very impressed with him.

Now, subsequently, once he got into the club, I suspect Flynn found he couldn’t work with Fullarton and do the job he wanted to do, and thus I suspect it came to a “me or him” situation.

But, as you suggest, we can’t now re-write history and say that Fullarton had nothing to do with it. And, let’s face it, it’s hardly football genius to have thought of him as our potential next manager - he was without a club but had a great record in this division.


Exactly it wasn’t exactly rocket science was it, the vast majority of fans on here suggested his name for free.

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It’s also interesting to look, in retrospect, at what might have happened between them, particularly now we’ve seen a Flynn team and he’s talked in the press about completely changing the mentality at the club.

Fullarton seemed to be a good talker and may well have sold the club to Flynn, quite some feat considering other options which may have been available to a manager with a record of success.

But, once he was in and assessing the future of the squad, I’d say it’s fairly certain that he wasn’t impressed with what he saw and, as we’ve subsequently seen, would have been advocating a wholesale clear-out of players. This may well not have been on Fullarton’s agenda (an understatement!) since he brought most of those players to the club and, each time, talked about background checks and “character”.

In such a scenario, one can clearly see why it may well have come down to a “me or him” meeting not long before Fullarton departed.


Fullerton had an awful reputation in the game, a quick Google search could tell you that.

The fact that Pomlett and Co appointed him, demonstrates that they should not be making any future footballing decisions.

Flynn was an obvious choice, I’d also bet it’s cost us a fair wedge.


Fullarton being involved/credited in Flynn’s arrival is a bit like some bloke that hasn’t got a clue about plumbing ringing an actual plumber after his failed ham-fisted DIY antics have flooded the house.


Flynn took the job knowing he wouldn’t/couldn’t work with Fullerton especially concerning recruitment of players and changing the ethos of the club.
This was conveyed to the board and at that point MF became the more valued employee, hence Fullerton’s departure.
MF and JF, Pomlett’s best and worst hiring decisions!

Lots of opinions being written as though they are facts.


That’s so unusual for this board (or any other for that matter) :rofl:


The fact is that Fullerton recruited Flynn. This was confirmed by Flynn and by Pombear.