Football Card


As part of my fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK, culminating in my walk to our game vs Shrewsbury at the end of the year, I am running a football card.

Entry is £5 per square and the winner gets £120, with the other £120 doing to Prostate Cancer UK.

Entry by PayPal -

Any entrant please name your team(s) and I will allocate on first come first served basis. If your selection has gone I will tell you and you can choose another.



Thanks @hullsaddler for your donation.


Up to date card…


Am I being thick? How does somebody win? Is it based on the teams results for the rest of the season?


Winner is under the black tape so obviously a highly skilled game in guessing which you think it is!


Ahhhh! Thanks for that



If he’s had a go, I shouldn’t bother.


Not sure if that’s referring to my name being on there, but that isn’t actually me! It’s another Rob Harvey on Twitter from London, that I’ve never met.


Didn’t refer to you. Unless you also have X ray vision.


That’s ok, I didn’t know whether you meant me or not :joy: as for x-Ray vision, I’m afraid I don’t have that. I’d only want that if I had the power to switch it off when I wanted :joy:


My powers can only be used for good…


Latest card…


Thanks to those off here who have entered so far :+1:t3:


No problem, may enter again as it’s for a great cause.


You’re welcome mate :+1:


Latest card below.


Even newer.

@simon taking the dingles :nauseated_face:


18 spaces left out of 48. Thanks for supporting so far.