Football chants

Spotted this , various chants but keep watching as we are featured on it !!!

From about 4min 30 seconds in


A fine rendition by the Walsall choir :sparkling_heart:

Love that song, especially when the response to “we’re not from Shrewsbury” gets an extra bit of OOOOMPH, It always does from me :grinning:


EFL Cup games used to fun!

I’m not so sure myself. Venturing from the homelands as I have, I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone hear the accent and ask, “you’re from Shrewsbury aren’t you?”. Might as well throw in that we’re not from Bolivia either! (Advance apologies to our Bolivian supporters’ club)

Not sure i understand what you’re not sure about :thinking::grinning:

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Y’what? Y’what? Y’what y’what y’what?