Football League Troffee

Brizzle Pirates and Oxford. Would there be a need to set a limit on how many could enter the ground to watch?


Who cares? A tournament specifically designed for less successful clubs just had to be Devalued so more successful teams could give their youth teams a run out. Stick a bunch of OAPs on the pitch for all I care.

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Surprised this competition is still going. It’s embarrassing how uninterested anyone is in it in its current format.

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Why are they drawing the U21s into pre arranged groups like it is some sort of big event? I can’t wait to see which academy side we are playing… :roll_eyes:

Chelsea yoof - same as last year.

Mad too think 3 years ago walsall were in league 1 and Bristol rovers were in conference… i personally feel like alot of teams seem to be overtaking us at the moment… Accrington Wimbledon Wycombe fleetwood salford Rotherham Peterborough oxford just to name a few… really hope that some point in the future we all get something to get excited about regarding our beloved club as we will struggle to find young fans wanting to watch us

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I’ll donate my place here and now.


Two of the best games I watched at home last season were Chelsea and Portsmouth in this competition .
I know everyone who was there would agree.
No one who was there would say there was anything but 100% commitment in both games from all the teams , Portsmouth fielded a very strong team , and Chelsea a team full of u21 internationals , including Gilmore who played several times in the Premier league and the right wingback who left soon after to play for Brighton in the Premier league .

Given the crowd size, I believe you.

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Obviously I believe people who didn’t go missed out , but it’s personal choice ,

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There’s been a degree of fluidity for as long as I’ve been following Walsall. For example, we were behind Stoke, Swansea, and Cardiff, then ahead of all 3 (especially the latter two) for a good number of years, before the relative situations reversed themselves again. By the same token, I’ve always considered Wrexham & Stockport our equals, and we’ve been punching a higher weight for over a decade now. Your odd contemporary/subordinate always leaves you behind, but we’ll be getting reacquainted with the majority of these clubs soon enough, either by them dropping off, or us picking up. 'Twas ever thus.

Now known as the Papa John’s Trophy!!!

From todays Guardian:

Screenshot from 2020-10-28 17.29.04

Papa Smurf’s, more like.

Sam Allarslice will be presenting the trophy allegedly.

I wonder if Feta Cech could make an appearance for Chelsea?

Alongside keema roofe

Firewall FC? I’ll bet nothing gets past them… IGMC

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Iain Dough-ie is the attacking coach

A good pizza pun, there’ll be no topping that! To win the Papa John’s trophy, we’ll need a slice of luck!

The prize money would come in handy. We knead the dough.

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Awful competition, but helps us earn a crust.