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Where do you go for your score updates? I’ve been using the BBC site. They have just “upgraded” their site and it’s rubbish now,you used to be able to click on “show scorers” and all the scorers in all the divisions would come up,that’s not an option with the new website you have to click on every game individually to find out who scored.Has anyone got a recommendation for other sites?

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BBC shows all results on mine :man_shrugging:

Was thinking the same the other day god knows why they have changed it

Yes,but in a different format and you can’t see who scored the goals unless you click on that particular result/score.



Fotmob and Sofascore are good

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Wrong thread :wink:


Fotmob is by far the best imho.

And you have to scroll down past the women’s scores before you get to ours


Same here :+1:t2:
Cheltenham just equalised so are 1 point behind Burton who are 2 nil down. If they win Burton drop into bottom 4 and Clarky boy escapes…

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Sky sports scores app

That’d be good. A short trip to a brewery town. Perfect.

Hope Freddie can get the winner for Lincoln to put them in the playoffs

Freddie just been subbed off. He looked way off the pace

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Yeah I noticed that, it’s terrible now. Upgrade it’s more like a strip back to bare bones now.

Fotmob is a great app, really impressive.

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Corals in-play is the fastest I’ve seen for goals. They were coming up within seconds last Saturday’s match. But they have a nasty habit of taking matches off early, even when there’s something to play for, so I tend to use Bet365.

Flashscore all day long.

tried others but always go back to it, its the best one by far imo.


Where does @Welsh_Saddler get his score updates from? I might just rely on him from now on …:joy:

He reads the BBC to save you the effort of jumping between sites.:+1:

Which is why he’s always 5 minutes behind :smile:

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Ditched the BBC app a long time ago.